Life Lately

Last Wednesday, I lost my best friend.

Manly has been a part of my family since my 18th birthday. He was the absolute best little side kick I ever could have asked for. He went everywhere with me and we were inseparable from the day I got him. He was so smart, so full of joy and gave the best kisses in the world. He was the best friend I could have every asked for. A week ago, he was having some pain and my parents took him to the vet. They thought he had a slipped disk, but when the pain meds didn’t help they had to take him back two days later. They did blood work to make sure the new medicine would be okay only to find out he had liver cancer.

In a whirlwind few hours, my sweet little pup was gone. We are completely devastated, but happy to know that he is no longer in pain, and even happier to know that we were blessed with 13 perfect years with him.

I’ll never forgot that last FaceTime and having to say goodbye. He smiled at me the whole time letting me know it was okay. I miss him terribly and can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that when my parents arrive here on Wednesday for Christmas, I won’t see his fluffy tail wagging at my door waiting to come in.

We miss him so much already, but know that he’s up there with Mojo, eating all the treats and being a very good boy.

I’ll be back soon. Give all your fur babies an extra squeeze tonight.


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