Gift Guide: For Him

Happy Tuesday my loves! Today, I’m sharing one of the most requested gift guides on this blog! It seems I’m not the only girl that has a really hard time buying for the men in my life. Like seriously. They are SO MUCH HARDER to buy for! I honestly second guess most of the gifts I buy for guys, and sometimes, I totally give up and just give them a bottle of their favorite alcohol (which is so lame) and I know I’m not the only one. So, step out of the liquor isle, and into the light that is my Gift Guide for Him. I promise, these are all things the dudes you know will love!! How do I know? Because I made Trevor help me with this one! 

Andddd I shopped online again for my Men’s gift guide this year (just like I did for my women’s one!) so you can play Santa at home… and not in the aisles on Black Friday.

Knit Joggers // Slippers// Nirvana Vinyl // Cozy Camo Hoodie // Carhartt Beanie // Thanos Bottle Opener // Yeti Rambler // Herschel Backpack // Mike’s Hot Honey // Bose Bluetooth Speaker // Bombas // The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes// Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve // Goodfellow & Co Lip Balm

I stuck with the stay home and stay cozy theme for this guide too! With a little bit of random things thrown in 🙂 These Goodfellow Knit Joggers are a staple in Trev’s quarantine wardrobe. I wish they made them in women’s sizes because they are so cozy! V. jealous of his joggers. Grab a pair of slippers to keep his feet warm (I love these Ugg ones, but there are some great dupes out there for every budget!) or some Bombas if he isn’t a slipper guy! (We love Bombas. My parents get us a new set for our stockings every year and they are the best socks we own. They are a bit pricey for socks, but totally worth it. I did a full review on them a few years ago here.)

If you’re looking for some random fun this Thanos bottle opener is the PERFECT gift. If your guy likes Marvel, he will love this. I promise. Mikes Hot Honey is our favorite pizza topping, and this book of Dad Jokes is great for the new Dad in your life.

If you’re buying for a guy that is braving the cold, a Carhartt beanie is a must! This is a staple in both Trev and I’s winter gear. They are warm, fashionably and a Michigan company. You can’t go wrong with anything made by Carhartt in our books. And, don’t forget a backpack for your fella to store all his stuff in. I love this Herschel one. Another great buy? This Amazon Basics laptop sleeve. It’s super affordable and the perfect accessory to his new backpack 🙂 And of course, you can’t go out in the winter without a Yetti filled with something warm. I love this new green shade. And something Trev never leaves the house without? A good lip balm. His favorite is Burt’s Bees Vanilla, but I loved the look of these new ones from Goodfellow & Co!

What are you buying for the special guy in your life? I’m SUPER excited about the gifts I picked out for Trev this year. We don’t do big gifts… just stocking stuffers. And I feel like I knocked it out of the park!

Alright my loves, I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow! This week feels like a dang marathon already… and we aren’t even half way there yet. Ugh. I’m off to sit under 10 billion blankets and watch The Gilmore Girls! Have a great night 🙂


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