How To Cozy Up Your Home For the Holidays

Hi Friends! Happy Tuesday! Today we’re talking about my all time favorite word… COZY. I love everything that cozy is and stands for. Just hearing the word cozy has me envisioning my favorite blanket, a roaring fir, a cup of cocoa, my family, and happy memories at my parents and grandparents homes. Every year as the weather starts to get colder, my desire to turn my surroundings into the ultimate cozy space grows.

When we first moved into our home, I told Trevor I wanted it to feel cozy all year… not just at the holidays. I worked hard to choose colors that I felt created cozy vibes, and create spaces that made me want to do nothing but curl up and snuggle.

And now that the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) are approaching, there is nothing I want more than to create a cozy, festive vibe for every person that walks through our front door. Although this year, very very very few people will be coming into our home except for us. While the coronavirus is putting a damper on our holiday festivities, I’ll still making my home feel cozy for us. Why? Because we’re spending a lot of time indoors… so we might as well have a space that we love!

Adding the “cozy” factor to existing decor is beyond easy! (Seriously! If I can do it, you can too!) Here are a few simple steps to Cozy Up Your Home In Time for The Holidays!

Start with the Curb Appeal. And I don’t mean go out and spend thousands turning your home into a New England masterpiece that is literally built for cozy fall vibes. A simple wreath, doormat and winter squashes (since your pumpkins probably won’t last until November 28th) are the perfect welcome to your home! (Especially if your loved ones are seeing it from the car to just drive by and say Happy Thanksgiving at a distance!)

Next, light a candle… or 12! I love love love candles because they create a cozy, warm, glow when lit but ALSO make your home smell amazing. Choose warm, nutty scents (I’m burning this one this Thanksgiving season) to help your house scream I’M COZY AF to all of your guests.

Now mix in different textures. This is such a simple way to up the cozy factor in your home. Chunky knits, warm plaids and jewel toned velvet throws help to make your sofas and chairs feel extra comfy. Throw Pillows and Rugs that have texture to them will add dimension to your room, making it feel more intimate and grounded. (Unlike sleek, smooth items that tend to make a room feel less lived in and homey.)

Then, bring the outside in. Natural wooden tones help your home to feel cozy, as well as pretty plants and mixed metals. These materials that you find in nature help to make your home feel cozy without looking like you tried too hard. Adding a simple faux plant to your shelves, displaying your firewood in a pretty way or putting shiny metal candlesticks on your table up the cozy AND pretty factor, allowing places for your guests eyes to linger.

Last, swap out your summer bedding. This one is the most practical step on list… and kind of a no brainer. But you don’t want your guests sleeping in summer linens. They’ll freeze! Add in a cozy throw (I sleep with this one every night and repurchase every year!) and a heavier comforter to keep your guests feeling warm and cozy all night!

Remember… the holidays are all about family, warmth, security, comfort, and happiness. All things that evoke coziness and the feeling of being at home. Whatever you do, whether you’re decorating your entire home in fall colors or simply trying to update your existing decor, create a space that your loved ones can gather in and make happy memories in. Because that my friends, is the easiest way to create coziness in your home.

How are you cozying up your spaces for the holidays?! For more Fall decor inspo, check out my 2020 Fall Home Tour! I’ve been enjoying looking back at these pictures because tbh, my house looks a little bit crazy right now. I’ve got Christmas up in the living room because my Christmas decor makes me so happy! But I kept the den and the dining room Fall since we will be eating in there on Thanksgiving 😂

Alright my loves, I’m out of here! Have the BEST day!


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