Weekend Round Up

Hello my loves! Happy, happy Monday! I’m back today feeling refreshed after the best Fall weekend up north! I can’t wait to share with you what our weekend looked like. Because tbh, it was unbe-LEAF-able. HAHA Your girl’s got jokes!

We headed Up North this weekend to finish shooting another super sweet collab! But we took full advantage of our weekend and used taking photos as an excuse to get out and do a color tour! I was pumped because we happened to be there for the leaves at their peak! I haven’t seen colors that pretty in a super long time!

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself! Let’s rewind to Friday.

Our weekend started when I got out of work Friday evening. I was the closer and didn’t make it home until after 6. By the time we packed up the car, got gas and grabbed dinner, it was almost 7:00. Talk about a late start to our road trip! We listened to the newest episode of Office Ladies, order our groceries for pick up when we got home Sunday and jammed out to some Tay Tay. Before we knew it, we were finally Up North!

We got there late, so we quickly hugged my parents, unloaded the car and then hit the hay. We were exhausted and wanted to get a good nights sleep before our color tour the next day.

Saturday we were up early to have breakfast before starting our color tour! My dad made homemade blueberry donuts that were literally to die for. I was of course, running behind, so grabbed mine to go! We did an inland color tour of the county I grew up in. I want SO BADLY to share so many photos with you, but unfortunately I can’t just yet! Remember that collab I mentioned early? You’ll (fingers crossed) get to see it this week, along with all the beautiful fall photos we took! However, I saved a few from my Insta stories to share with you now!

I mean… come on! Mother Nature was straight up showing off this weekend in Northern Michigan! Oh, and how cute is my sweater? It’s this one from KJP! (If you’re thinking about purchasing SIZE DOWN. It’s called big and cozy for a reason 🙂 I’m wearing an XS. )

After our color tour we headed to TJ’s for dinner. Shocker. I know.

And then we ended our night with a sunset!

Sunday we woke up early to try to beat the traffic on our way home. We had breakfast, said our goodbyes, took a quick beach ride and headed home.

When we got home it was time to unpack, do our laundry, get our groceries and prep for the week. We brought home a strom from Big Al’s for dinner and we snuggled in early for the night to watch 31 Nights of Halloween!

It was a busy weekend, but such a good one! What did you do this weekend? I hope something fun and fall-ish!

Alright my loves, I hope you have the best rest of your day! I’ll talk to you soon!


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