5 Tips For Taking Better Photos At THe Pumpkin Patch This Fall!

Hi Friends! Happy, happy Tuesday! I hope you all had amazing weekends! I realized I’ve kind of gotten away from doing Weekend Round Ups. This hasn’t been on purpose. I’ve just found myself super busy each Sunday evening lately. I promise to get back to them next week! I want to be sure I’m sharing all the Fall fun I possibly can with you this October.

Speaking of Fall fun, I’m back today sharing a few photography tips to help you make sure you get the best pictures while you’re doing the most October activity of them all… visiting the pumpkin patch! I’m a BIG believer in capturing my memories so I can look back on them and smile at a perfect little moment in time.

But, this mindset also puts a lot of pressure on me to capture a perfect photo. I find myself getting lost in capturing just the right image, and not enjoying the experience of it all. Anyone else do this too? Today, it’s my goal to make sure this doesn’t happen to you this October. Going to the pumpkin patch might be a perfect Instagramable activity, but it’s also a really great way to have a perfect fall day. So get ready to take notes! Here are…

5 Tips For Taking Better Photos At The Pumpkin Patch This Fall

  1. Go just before the pumpkin patch officially “opens”. Just because they aren’t taking your money or selling you sweet treats until 10 am doesn’t mean you can’t wander around the pumpkin patch! We always get the best photos when we arrive 20 ish minutes before opening. Usually, the staff is out and about getting ready for their day, and all the barns/activities aren’t up and running yet. But you know what is available? Hundreds of pumpkins to pose by without any other people around. Cute photo props without a line. And you don’t have to feel bad about taking off your mask to smile because no one else is around!
Not another soul in sight!

2. Pay attention to the weather. If you have multiple opportunities to head to the pumpkin patch, look ahead and plan to visit on a day that is overcast. An overcast day will give you the best photos! You won’t have shadows, you won’t be squinting, and the natural colors of the pumpkin patch will pop!

3. Choose your outfit wisely. When picking out your outfit for the pumpkin patch, choose something that is seasonal and cute but not “too much”. You’ll look out of place in your photos if you show up in heels and a dress! My go to for a trip to the pumpkin patch are flannels, rich fall colors, jeans, booties and cute accessories. Colors you can’t go wrong with? Olive greens, golds, rusts and browns!

4. Don’t bring props, use what’s there! Pumpkin patches are LITERALLY full of cute things to take photos with. Pulling a wagon filled with pumpkins? The cutest. Holding a pumpkin on your head with your super cute niece? Adorbs. Posing with the yummy treat you just bought? Talk about food envy. Use what’s in front of you to get a perfect photo.

5. “Candid” photos are the best. Candid photos are the best photos because they look natural. HOWEVER, I am a firm believer in planning my “candid” shots. While getting my picture taken I try to move around, fake laugh and get different angles so they look as if I’m not posed. So while I may look like I’m walking with my wagon full of pumpkins, I’m posed with the best angle for my legs but kind of bouncing around to give the photo just the right amount of movement.

And a bonus tip?! Use a good filter! Etsy has TONS for sale, or play around with Lightroom and make your own. It’s crazy how a good filter or edit can take a photo from nice to perfect!

So my loves, will you use these tips at the pumpkin patch this weekend?!

Alright! I’m signing off for the night. This week feels like it’s lasted a lifetime. How can it only be Tuesday?! Ugh.

I’ll be back tomorrow for #WhatUpWednesday. I’ll talk to you all then! Have the best rest of your night!


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