Apple Cider Whiskey Slush

Hey Loves! Happy, happy Thursday! Do you know what tomorrow is? (Besides my birthday?!) That’s right. It’s FRIDAYYYY! And do you know what Fridays are good for? Drinks. Lots of drinks.

And boy do I have the perfect drink recipe for you!

Are you ready to taste Fall in a cup?? I changed up my family’s whiskey slush recipe to bring you the Apple Cider Whiskey Slush. And guys… I didn’t make enough of it. It’s SO good. I promise you’ll want to be sipping on this all weekend long. And it could not be easier! Seriously. You only need TWO ingredients.

This is a crowd pleasing drink that you can make for two or two hundred. All you need is your favorite apple cider and your favorite whiskey! (I chose Crown Royal Apple. Yum.)

To make you Apple Cider Whiskey Slush

  1. Combine a 2 to 1 ratio of cider and whiskey. Basically, you want double the cider that you have of the whiskey! We made a small batch, so I used 3 cups of cider and 1 1/2 cups of whiskey.
  2. Freeze in an airtight container over night.
  3. The next day, take it out and scrape it with a spoon to break it up.
  4. Fill up your cup and garnish. I chose to use a cinnamon stick and mini cinnamon sugar donuts!

And guys… that’s it! That’s all it takes to make the perfect fall drink! So while you’re out at an apple orchard this weekend, grab a gallon of cider and some whiskey on the way home. You’ll want to make this every weekend until Thanksgiving. It’s THAT good!

Besides, we’re going to need some whiskey glasses if we’re gunna make it through… 2020. Right? I think that’s what Morgan Wallen said.

Alright my loves. I’m signing off for the weekend. It’s my birthday tomorrow and my parents are coming down to visit! I hope you all have the best weekend and get to do something fun and Fall-ish!

I’ll be back on Monday.


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