Weekend Round Up (Labor Day Edition)

Hi Friends! Happy, happy Tuesday! I hope you all had the BEST long weekend! I know I did!

I feel like this Weekend Round Up might be a little bit lame, because we didn’t do a whole lot. Usually we pack our Labor Day weekend with end of the summer fun. But this year, we spent our weekend relaxing!

We started our weekend Friday night when I got out of work. I was the late person, but it actually worked out in our favor. We had almost no traffic heading to Manistee!

We got home just after 11, and Trev and I were both exhausted. We hugged my parents and Manly and then snuggled into bed.

We were up early Saturday morning to shoot something really fun that you will see really soon! Here is a sneak peak 🙂

When we finished up our photo shoot, we stopped and grabbed some Big Al’s for lunch before heading home! We spent the rest of the afternoon editing pictures and napping.

Saturday evening was our annual Low Country Boil at my grandma’s! It’s our favorite Labor Day tradition and it’s so so yummy! (Check out how we make it here.)

Trev and I snuck off after dinner to catch the sunset at the beach. It was a cold and rainy weekend for us, so it was the only night we had a chance to see it!

Sunday we slept in and laid around all morning. It was so nice to just chill! We headed out for lunch to TJs and then to Orchard Market so I could buy my Mums! I was SO sad I didn’t buy them there last year because I couldn’t believe how big and beautiful they were for such a great price. Seriously… I got my smaller mums 3 for $11 and my big one for $20!! I also saw some pumpkins and couldn’t resist buying a few! (Just a few. We haven’t made it to our favorite pumpkin patch for our big ones yet!)

When we came home I snuggled up on the couch with my Manly Man to take a nap!

When I woke up the rain had moved in, but that was okay! We spent the rest of the afternoon working on that upcoming blog post I mentioned earlier 🙂

Sunday night we had dinner and watched a movie before turning in for the evening.

On Monday we woke up early to my dad’s famous pancakes before making the hard decision to leave early to try and beat the traffic. I always hate leaving early in the morning and cutting our weekends short, but it made the most sense for us to get home and get prepped for the week. It ended up being a good choice… we made it home in really good time.

The rest of Monday was our typical “Sunday” things. Like grocery shopping, cleaning, meal prepping and unpacking.

How was your Labor Day Weekend?! Did you do the typical things you love to do? Or was your weekend a little less buy, like ours?

Alright my loves. I’ll be back tomorrow for #WhatUpWedesnday! I’ll talk to you then.


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