Life Lately

You Guys! It’s been forever! (A week, to be exact!) I had so many fun posts planned for you last week but we did some serious adulting that got in the way. So today, I figured I’d catch you up on the last week!

Last week… we bought me a new car! I am SO EXCITED and love love love my new Jeep!

We’ve been searching for a new Jeep for a few weeks now, but hadn’t found one that was just right yet. I had my heart set on a Wrangler, and we went to drive on last Wednesday night. But after driving it and comparing it to a few other Jeep models, I found out that I LOVED the Grand Cherokee! And lucky for me, they had a bunch on their lot.

We drove a few different ones, and ended up settling on this beauty!

Honestly, my husband had ONE JOB to take a cute picture of me with my new ride 🙄 It has so many cool features that my old 2008 Liberty didn’t have. I feel like I’ve really stepped up in the world! But don’t worry, we aren’t getting rid of my beloved Liberty. She’s still in great shape and I just couldn’t part with her! Trev has taken over the Liberty as his and we’re selling his old Escape.

So on Thursday, we got to go pick up the new Jeep after work! We took turns driving it and going out for late night Diet Cokes from McDonalds just so we could be in our new car. (We’re nerds… we know.)

Friday I woke up to such an exciting day! One of my very best friends was getting married!!!! We had the most amazing day celebrating her and her new groom!

And while her day looked different than I know she imagined it would (hello masks and social distancing) it was beautiful and perfect. I’m so happy she found such an amazing guy to spend the rest of her life with!

Saturday was a day for us to get stuff done around the house! We had a few errands to do in the morning, that ended up taking way longer than I thought! After we finished our shopping, we started working on our new back steps! Currently, it’s a broken cement step and since Trev did so amazing on our front porch, I convinced him to build a mini one out back too!

We did date night at home and cooked a dinner out of our Magnolia Cookbooks (we made King Ranch Chicken and it ROCKED) and picked out a v. classic movie to watch!

We spent all of Sunday cleaning and organizing our garage! It literally took the entire day, but it looks so much better. And bonus… I can park in it! HAHA

Yesterday was back to the work week and honestly, my day completely got away from me, which is why no Weekend Round Up went up!

And now my friends, you’re officially caught up on the last week of my life! How are you?! I hope you’ve been having a great week too!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a #WhatUpWednesday. I’ll talk to you then 🙂


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