#WhatUpWednesday on a Thursday

Hi Friends! Happy Thursday! I know… this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but I got home from work later than I expected and it was the most perfect day to paint our new porch! It looks great but kind of out of place on our home because it’s so bright and shiny and new! I can’t wait to paint our house so that the rest of our home looks as pretty as our new porch. But that’s a project that has to wait until next summer 😦

Anyways, I had SO many things I wanted to share for my #WhatUpWednesday yesterday that I decided I might as well share it today! So let’s get right to it!

What I’m Buying

FALL DECOR! It’s never too early… right? I’m getting SO EXCITED to decorate my home for Fall this year. Last year, our house was still not really finished, so I kind of threw up a hodge podge of decor I had. I bought a few new things, and I liked how cozy the decor made our house feel, but I just didn’t love love love it. So at Christmas, I made sure to purchase decor that felt traditional and timeless that I could love year after year. And I loved how my home was decorated for Christmas SO MUCH that I literally think about how excited I am to decorate again twice a week. So my goal is to revamp my Fall decor this year so that it feels tradition and timeless and that I love it just as much as my Christmas decor! I’ve purchased a few things from the Hearth and Hand line at Target, and have my eye on a few new pieces! But what I really need to do is take an inventory of my decor. Which brings me to…

What I’m Working On

I’m really excited to go through all my tubs of Fall decor! I’ve been seeing my favorite home decor Youtubers do this this past week, and it really inspired me! I’m planning to go through my boxes this weekend and declutter and organize so I know what I have/what I still need to make my vision come to life! My plan is to get rid of A LOT of decor, since it’s all in great condition so that someone else can love it just as much as I did when I first purchased it.

What I’m Cringing About

I’m only kind of cringing about the amount of Amazon packages that are being delivered to our house 😆Would you guys want to see what we’ve been buying off of Prime lately? We’ve found some amazing things since the last Amazon Finds I did in May!

What I’m Listening To

Folklore. Obviously. I love this album SO MUCH. It’s just so so so so good and every time I listen to it, I love it even more! My favorite songs are August and Invisible String. Also, An Oral History of The Office. It’s SO GOOD. If you love the show, you will adore this podcast hosted by the one and only Kevin Malone. It wasn’t anything that I expected. The first two minutes got me all choked up and it’s amazing story telling. It’s fantastic, I promise.

What I’m Eating

We’ve been trying a new recipe every Wednesday out of one of my cookbooks. We realized over quarantine that we really love cooking together and listening to podcasts and trying something new. So we decided that even as we slowly go back to normal life, we would making cooking a new recipe on Wednesdays a priority for us. We look forward to doing this every week now! We’ve been making our way through Magnolia Table Vol. 2 and haven’t made a bad recipe yet!

What I’m Excited About

A weekend at home! I’m really excited because we’ve got a few projects we’re working on around our house. We’re planning to finish our front porch, first and foremost! I’m really excited because it’s double the size the old one was, and I can’t wait to decorate it for Fall and Christmas! I also ordered THE CUTEST new mailbox, but it’s backordered until the end of September. We’re also planning to paint and hang some more trim this weekend. I’m ready to be “done” with the stairs and the hallway upstairs! I’m hoping to finish our guest room soon, so that we can do another House Update soonish!

So my friends, What’s Up in your lives?! Share in the comments below!

Alright loves, I’ll be back on either Sunday or Monday with a Weekend Roundup for you! I hope you all have the best weekend!


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