Weekend Round Up

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I’m back today (finally) with a Weekend Round Up for you! I had meant to get posts up for you last week, but to be honest, I kind of dropped the ball. I hadn’t had time to prep-write the weekend before and with work and my parents being here, I just didn’t get anything done. I’ve been really off all of July, so I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things this August! (Also, what the heck happened to June and July?!! Can you even believe it’s already August?!)

We had a great weekend here with my parents! They came down to help us start a new project… redoing our front porch! They actually got here on Wednesday night, and worked on it all day Thursday and Friday while I was at work. While I was away, they chopped up our old, sloping cement porch and removed a bunch of bushes that we didn’t want blocking our sidewalk anymore. They also started rebuilding our new porch!

When I got home from work on Friday, the porch was completely framed out and ready for us to work on Saturday morning! We ordered take out and spent the night relaxing on the couch watching Street Food on Netflix.

Saturday we woke up and were ready to work! However, Mother Nature had differnt plans. We got everything braced and ready for the next step just as it started to rain.

Unfortunately for us, it decided to POUR for the entire rest of the day. So instead of working on our porch, we headed to a couple of stores and spent the afternoon/evening relaxing a home.

Sunday we said goodbye to my parents, but got a visit from our two favorite people… our niece and nephew! We were so happy to see them, and had a fun visit with my brother and sister in law.

When they left it was on to our typical Sunday activities, like picking up new fall decor from Target grocery shopping.

Then today, it was back to work and normal life. Today felt like the Monday-ist Monday I’ve had in a while. So I’m thrilled to be home with Trev and Jacksy Cat, snuggled on the couch, rewatching Parks and Rec for the 10 millionth time!

Alright my loves, I’ll be back tomorrow with a skin care post 🙂 I’ll see you then!


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