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HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS! It has been SO long since we last chatted and as I sit down to write this, I’m realizing you’re probably wondering where I’ve been. I can’t believe I forgot to let you all know that last week, I was heading off on vacation!

While vacation looked a lot different than it normally would, we had the absolute best week Up North relaxing.

Curious to see what our week looked like? Let’s rewind alllll the way back to last Friday!

Our original plan had been to head Up North as soon as I got out of work. But, we both had busy weeks and decided to take Friday to prep our house for us being gone for a week. (Thank goodness we did, more on that later!) We ordered pizza, and cleaned out the fridge, got all the dishes done and put away, everything cleaned/wiped down/disinfected (LOL so 2020 of us, right?) and then packed up the car to head North!

Saturday we got a bit of a later start than we intended, but we grabbed coffees and our cat and headed to Manistee! We were so excited to get out of the city. As soon as we got out of the car it’s like all our stress and anxiety rolls away with waves and we can just breathe and enjoy ourselves.

We unpacked and settled in before getting Big Al’s for dinner (of course) and heading to the beach to catch the sunset! It was my goal to see a sunset every night we were there.

It was cloudy, but we still got the prettiest first sunset of our vacation!

Sunday we woke up and made sure to celebrate one of the best day’s of the summer… National Ice Cream Day! Did you see this post I did with Hudsonville Ice Cream? There is a coupon linked if you are craving somethings sweet 🙂

Sunday also happened to bet he most perfect day for a beach day! We spent the entire day swimming in Lake Michigan, napping in the warm sunshine, reading and walking the pier.

And of course, that night we headed back to the beach to catch another sunset!

Monday rolled around and the weather wasn’t ideal. It was chilly and overcast, so we decided to make a trip up to Leland specifically to get sandwiches from The Cheese Shanty! As you know, we love the Leelanau Peninsula, but it just wasn’t safe for us to get out and wander through the little towns. While everyone meandering about was wearing masks, socially distancing just seemed to difficult in such small spaces. So we opted to order our sandwiches ahead and take them to the beach to eat before we headed back home. While it wasn’t our typical summer trip to our favorite place, we still got the best sammies every and enjoyed a beautiful drive!

And even though the day was gloomy, we made it to the beach that night for another sunset!

It ended up being such a beautiful night!!!

Tuesday it was time for another beach day!

LOL are you seeing a pattern her?! 😂Tuesday night we decided to change it up, and go to a socially distanced summer concert on the beach! The music was so good. We had such a great time. There wasn’t much of a sunset, but we still got to enjoy the night on the beach!

People always ask where I got my M22 sweatshirt! (It’s a Michigan thing.) I picked it up a few years ago at MacBeth’s in Onekama, but you can get a really similar one here! It’s hands down my most worn sweatshirt… and 1000% worth the money.

Wednesday, Trev had a lot of work to do. So I sat on the back deck and napped… all.freakin’.day. It was amazing!

Wednesday evening, we masked up and headed to TJ’s for dinner before we went to see another sunset.

Even later that night, we went out to see the comet! That was pretty cool. I haven’t seen a comet since I was a little girl.

Thursday we woke up to our last full day of vacation. I was SO SAD that it had flown by so quickly, but we were determined to have the best day yet. We headed to the beach, had a lunch picnic with my parents and spent the entire day playing in the waves like we were six again.

And of course, we spent our last night on the beach for sunset. I’m like 98% certain that Mother Nature saved her prettiest sunset of the week for our last night in town. I mean… it was like being stuck inside a postcard!

Friday we woke up and it was time to start packing. Luckily, this was easier thanks to the surprise TSwift album!! (What’s your favorite song? Mine is August!) We made a quick trip down to the beach to walk on the pier before grabbing one more sub from Big Al’s and saying our goodbyes. Our week went by WAY too fast.

So you’re probably wondering… why didn’t we stay the rest of the weekend? That’s because we were having a socially distanced bachelorette party for my bestie on Saturday!

I was lucky to spend the day celebrating this beautiful lady! The entire party was outside on her lake, where we floated on our own floats, had drinks, and enjoyed being around other people for the first time in forever.

Sunday I spent the day cleaning and catching up around the house. While we were away, they had major storms in Metro Detroit and our house lost power for a few days. We came home to the worst smelling house thanks to a few leftovers left in the fridge and tree limbs all over our yard! We were super thankful we took time before we left to clean up because I can’t imagine how bad it would have been if we hadn’t! I’m also thankful that we were Up North, and not stuck in the city with 100 degree heat and now power/air conditioning!

Alright my loves. You are officially caught up on my life! How are all of you? I’ve missed you! I’m hoping to be back tomorrow, but if not, I’ll for sure be here on Wednesday! I’m off to workout and make some sweet potato chili for dinner! I’ll talk to you all soon 🙂


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