Indulging in Summer… How to have the perfect summer day with Hudsonville Ice Cream!

Hey there Loves! I hope you’re having THE BEST week! I know that usually Wednesdays are for me to tell you about What’s Up in my life, but I figured that can wait for tomorrow. Because I just realized something… 

WE ARE LITERALLY HALF WAY THROUGH JULY. Say what?! I feel like I blinked and this summer has melted away, but also, I feel like it’s not really even summer yet because I haven’t been able to do all the summer things I love except go to the beach. Is this just me? Or are you feeling this way too? 

I figured I’m not the only one feeling this way… which is why I teamed up with my friends at Hudsonville Ice Cream to help you indulge in summer and have at least one (or a few) perfect summer day(s) before the sun sets the first weekend of September and Summer 2020 is officially behind us. 

So get your scoops ready, because today is an extra sweet post that is going to have you running, not walking to the store, to grab an Extra Indulgent Pint and start planning your Perfect Summer Day! 

5 Ways To Have a Perfect Summer Day 

Pack a Picnic.

I’m sure all of you who have been with me since the beginning are rolling your eyes… Savannah suggesting a picnic? Groundbreaking. BUT have you ever tried a picnic with ice cream?! If it were up to me, I’d forgo the sandwiches and sides and head straight for the dessert.

The Perfect Scoop: Hudsonville Extra Indulgent Cookie Overload because a picnic without any type of cookie just isn’t a good idea. 

Head to the Beach.

How cute are these hats? You can get them here!

It’s no secret that a perfect summer day should be spent on Lake Michigan. Laying in the sun with your favorite book, splashing in the waves, long walks on the pier. You get it, the setting is perfect in itself. But to really indulge in summer, why not take summer’s favorite treat with you?

The Perfect Scoop: Hudsonville Extra Indulgent Mint Cookie Dough. A perfect combo of two classic ice cream flavors. 

Take a Walk.

One of the best things about summer is getting to be outside! I love taking walks along the waterfront when I’m home visiting my family. But even at home in the city, there is nothing better than getting out for a walk on a pretty summer evening… and cooling down with ice cream after!

The Perfect Scoop: Hudsonville Extra Indulgent Raspberry Chocolate Chunk. To me, this flavor tastes lighter than the others, more like a sorbet. Perfectly refreshing and sweet after a long walk! 

Catch a Sunset.

I love sunsets any time of year, but they are infinitely better in the summertime. My favorite way to chase the sun is always on the beach with ice cream in my hand.

The Perfect Scoop: Hudsonville Extra Indulgent Salted Caramel Brownie. Because this is the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. Hands down. 

Make a Sweet Treat.

And last, but certainly not least, make memories at home making a sweet treat! Trev and I LOVE to make ice cream sandwiches! We like to gather our favorite kinds of cookies at the store and smash ice cream between them! Spoiler Alert… we tried making these sandwiches on an uncharacteristically hot (and I mean 95 degrees and humid hot) summer day in NoMi. They were literally melting before we could snap pictures of our finished products… but I promise they were all so yummy! Here’s a few fun flavor combos to try! 

  • Brownies on the Outside, Mint Cookie Dough or Crunchy Peanut Butter on the Inside 
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookies on the Outside, Cookie Overload on the Inside 
  • Sugar Cookies on the Outside, Cake Batter on the Inside 
  • Caramel Stroop Waffles on the Outside, Salted Caramel Brownie on the Inside. 
  • Chocolate Cookies on the Outside, Raspberry Chocolate Chunk on the Inside. 

I’ve got you craving ice cream now… don’t I?! Well my loves, today is your lucky day! Just when you thought summer couldn’t get any sweeter, you can use this coupon to get $2 off any flavor of your choice!! Run, don’t walk to Meijer! (Or if you’re not in Michigan, click here to use the scoop locator to find it at a grocery store near you!) Can’t find it anywhere close to you? Hudsonville Ice Cream recently launched an online store so you can make any moment, any day and any season a little sweeter. Not only can you buy their Extra Indulgent line and other yummy ice creams, you can buy the t-shirts, hats, ice cream scoops or the coziest sweatshirt you’ll ever find! (We weren’t wearing them much in the photos because it was SO HOT, but it has quickly become my go to sweatshirt!) Seriously… I’m wearing it as I type this. I’ve washed it multiple times and it’s just as soft as the first day it came in the mail! 

Hudsonville Ice Cream’s Extra Indulgent pint line is full of flavor, with more swirls and pieces for a little extra in every bite. I promise you, that no matter what flavor you choose, you’re going to be obsessed with it and you’ll instantly want more! 

How are you going to have a perfect summer day? What Hudsonville Ice Cream flavor are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below! 

Alright my loves, I’m off to have the perfect summer day work. I hope you’re indulging in summer today… and not at work like me 🙂 

I’ll be back tomorrow! 


*This post was sponsored by Hudsonville Ice Cream. But as always, all opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting the brands I love that help to make Savannah Said It possible.

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