weekend Round Up

OMG! You guys!!! It’s the first Weekend Round Up in freakin’ ages! I’m so excited. I’ve missed writing these. I like to look back on them over the years. They are kind of like my own little scrapbook for my memories.

We had such a great weekend. It was the first time we got to go Up North since freakin’ Christmas. Let me tell you… six months is way too long to be away from my family and Lake Michigan!

We started our weekend out on Friday afternoon! I got out of work early, so we were able to beat all the traffic!

Ready to go onto his vacay house!

We made such good time, and made it to town in time for a cook out at Grandma’s and to catch the sunset!!

We started shooting something special for the blog and we had THE CUTEST photobombers!

We spent Saturday morning and afternoon working on a special project so I can’t share too many photos just yet! But I will say, we had the sweetest afternoon!

Saturday evening we headed to our favorite restaurant, TJ’s pub! We missed TJ’s SO MUCH!

We of course got a pier walk in too! (No sunset… storms were rolling in!)

We spent the rest of the rainy night snuggle don the couch binging Upload on Amazon! (If you haven’t watched it yet, you need to. It’s SOOOOO good!)

Sunday we woke up and it was Father’s Day! We spent the day with my dad and family before we had to pack up and head home.

Our weekend went by WAY too fast. (Isn’t that how it always is?) How were your weekends? I hope they were full of sunshine!

Today was the Monday-ist Monday of all the Mondays I’ve had since going back to work. I’m excited to grab a bowl of sweet potato chili and settle in with the new book I’m reading for the night.

I’ll be back tomorrow, my loves!


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