Hey Loves! Happy, Happy Wednesday! I know this post is going up LATE tonight, but better late than never, am I right? Let’s get right into it!

What I’m Buying

I’ve been doing a real good job buying stuff on Amazon lately. Like a REAL good job. HAHA I ordered a really cool new rechargeable lighter, some zit patches (love the maskne), and a ring cleaner! I can report that the ring cleaning pen is absolutely amazing! And so is the lighter! I’ll keep you updated on the patches though. I’ve also been making great use of curbside pickup, and took advantage of my favorite sale at Michaels! Their frames right now are on sale buy 1, get 2 free!

What I’m Eating

We’ve been making chicken a lot lately, it’s one of our favorite things to grill! And we have two secrets to the best tasting chicken ever… Dirty Bird and Carolina Sauce. One of our favorite seasonings ever is Everglades All Purpose Seasoning! Trev’s Grandparents used to bring it home for us on their way back from Florida and it’s the BEST seasoning for literally anything. (I don’t know why we call it Dirty Bird, but they have always called it that ever since I’ve known Trev and his family!) You can buy it here! And our favorite sauce to coat it in is this one! (You can buy it at the grocery store, but I’m linking it on Amazon too!) Trust me… it’s THE BEST combo for grilled chicken! Or baked chicken. Or any kind of chicken really!

What I’m Wearing

So I’ve been going back and forth to work and to be honest, wearing normal clothes is SO WILD. I wish I could wear my comfy clothes all the time. I have been IN LOVE with this set of cozy loungewear from Target. It is so dang soft and keeps me snuggly but not too warm on these warm summer nights!

What I’ve Been Loving

Sitting in our backyard! I’ve been hanging out in my blow up pool keeping cool while working on my tan! It’s been my favorite thing lately 🙂

What I’m Missing

Home. I haven’t been home since Christmas thanks to Coronavirus and it’s looking like I might finally get to go for Father’s Day Weekend! Eeeek! (Hopefully it will be nice weather for a walk on the pier like in my main photo!)

So my loves, What’s Up in your lives?

I’m hoping to get a post up for you all tomorrow! I’ve had a busy week! I’m adjusting to a new schedule at work and I’ve been trying to keep my life well balanced like it was while I was home in quarantine. Talk to you soon!


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