One Year on Hazelwood Street

You guys… I can’t believe I’m writing this post right now. We’ve officially been in our home for ONE WHOLE YEAR! At this time last year, I was leaving work early to go sign off on all the papers and receive our keys. I remember it all so clearly (I was SO nervous!) yet it seems like an actual lifetime ago!

One year ago, we became homeowners. We had a house, but we didn’t have a home… yet. We’ve spent the last year turning our little fixer upper into the house we had always wanted.

Today, I decided we would take a walk down memory lane. I’m going to share all the moments that have helped to turn this house into our home!

If you’re hoping to see more of the transformation photos, click here, here and here! If you haven’t been with us since our home-owning journey began, click here and here!

Andddd if you’re still interested and ready to see a gazillion pictures (Oh hey! You’re my people and I love you) grab your coffee and get you’re scrolling finger ready! Let’s take a trip back to 2019! (Oh, and you can leave your face mask at home. You won’t need it yet.)

Heading out for the very first time to look at houses!
The bad news was that we were going to have to start packing boxes because we had a house to move into πŸ™‚
Home inspection!
Signing all the paperwork to officially become homeowners! This was such a cool experience for us! We got to meet the previous owners of our house and it was so cool to hear from them about how much they loved this home for so many years! It almost felt like they were passing the torch on to us.
Walking into our house for the very first time!
First dinner in our new home! (Click here to see why we’re eating Lunchables!)
Ice Wine AND Capri Sun cuz I’m a classy AF.
One of the first things we did! We spent the entire month of June coming to work at the house as soon as we got out of work.
The first (of many!) Pizza and Office nighst at our house!
Look at all that wall paper!
New dining table!
First picture in front of the house!
Making Progress!
We kept our little patio set from our apartment in our dining area for the longest time! We didn’t want to get our new dining table out until we were done remodeling!
Putting appliances back into place after the cabinets were painted!
Floor going in!
July 1st, 2019… the first night in our new house! We thought we would be SO much further along than we were! Our box spring didn’t fit up the stairs so we spent the first night on the floor. HAHA
Jackson wasn’t a fan of the new house on our first night! He found a way into the air duct and sat there and stared at us for 8 hours.
All moved in… with no where to put things!
This picture reminds me of how hard we both worked last summer. We were working 50+ hour work weeks and then coming home and working on house projects until midnight. Look how tired poor Trev is! If there is one good thing that has come out of this pandemic it’s that it has made us slow down!
Starting to remove paneling! This made such a big difference right away!
Watching the paneling come off was so satisfying!
First coats of paint going on!
First selfie in our newly painted living room!
Saying goodbye to the rest of the purple paneling!
Hanging up a TV mount in our bedroom.
This has been Jacksy Cat’s favorite spot since we moved in! He still sits on this step every day to look out over the living room!
So excited for my new light!
Moving the old couch to the basement!
Happy to have his man cave!
Fixing the Chimney Cap after if blew down after a big storm! Trev used a bungee cord to keep it in place and it hasn’t budged since!
Bahahahahaha trying out my heat lamp the first day it got below 50 degrees! Spoiler Alert… I literally never use it. haha
Painting in the hallway upstairs.
Faux Beams getting installed.
Wandering the backyard. (Did you see my MDW post? Can you believe this is the same backyard?!
SO many of our date nights ended at Home Depot picking up supplies to get to work the next day!
I forgot that this is what our fireplace used to look like! OMG. See the entire transformation here.
Same with this one!
Dance break!
The best little helper!
This took FOREVER trying to get the pattern just right!
I remember taking this photo and being SO happy with how it looked I started crying. I was finally starting to see the vision in my head come together!
The day our new couch got delievered! This was the first “big” purchase we made for our home! We LOVE our furniture. You can read about our couch and chair here!
Turns out that it really starts to feel like “home” when you put cozy furniture in!
First (of many) Office and Pizza nights on our new couch!
First nap on the new couch!
Sexy pose on the new rug bahahahaha
New half bath vanity! And Trev’s first time trying his hand at plumbing!
The first time I got to decorate for Fall in our home!
I loved how cozy our fall decor felt! See how we decorated our house for Fall here.
Halloween 2019! We sat in our garage and ate chili while we handed out candy to trick or treaters!
Thanksgiving 2019! We hosted Thanksgiving for the very first time! Such a cool memory for the first big holiday in our home.
Decorated for Christmas! I don’t think I ever loved my house more than at Christmastime. In fact, I loved our Christmas decor so much we didn’t take it down until the end of January and I cried the entire time. I also wanted to put 4,000 photos of our Christmas decor on this post but Trev advised me not to. So you can click here and see them instead πŸ™‚
Opening up stockings by our fireplace!
Christmas 2020!
Installing our nest!
New Years Eve!
Personal touches like travel photos were added early 2020!
So proud that he fixed the barstool!
Picking out new carpet!
Measuring for frames.
Painting the guest room!
First Valentine’s Day in our new house!
The new carpet is Jacksy Cat approved!
Starting the back yard clean up.
Starting our first Quarantine project… the bathroom remodel!
Taking down the trellis! I was sad to see it go! But it was rotting and falling over.
Celebrating Easter for the first time in our house!
Starting to dig out sludge!
Putting the guest bed together.

And just like that… it’s been one whole year!

If you’ve made it this far… thanks for coming along on this journey with us! We love sharing a little piece of our lives with you! We’re still far from done renovating our house (We’ve just started tackling the back yard and the upstairs!), so don’t worry. I’ll still have a TON of house related content on this blog! Speaking of…

If you want to see our projects, learn more about the home buying process, or find a Home DIY to try, click here!

And if you want to see some videos of our reno, check out a little video we made below!

Alright my loves! It’s super gloomy here today and looks like rain! Not that I mind… a love a cozy day inside πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful weekend friends. I’ll be back on Monday!


3 thoughts on “One Year on Hazelwood Street

  1. Such sweet memories! It has been such an enjoyment watching your journey (and getting to avoid doing the home renovation work!!). You have done so much and grown together in the process. You should be VERY VERY proud of your home! It is beautiful and you are amazing!! And, it is such a thrill that you choose to share it. Thank you!!
    I’m sure that you have so many people who were once unknown and strangers (like me) that have grown to love and adore you and your family through the years. . . . yet, we are still unknown!
    I have used a LOT of your suggestions, products and recipes. I could not begin to list everything but . . . planning and going on our trip to the beautiful state of Michigan, Mackinac Island, U.P., Kitch-iti-kipi, Amazon orders (LOTS of Amazon orders!!), many recipes including Apple Taffy Salad!! . .. . Even my husband has started to inquire now and then when I try something new, “Did that come from Savannah!!” ha ha . . . I just smile.
    We love you in the wheat field country of the Oklahoma!!! Thank you!


    1. Dee!! Your sweet comment made me cry. Thank you so much! It means the world to me knowing that I’ve been able to reach you all the way in Oklahoma. I appreciate you following along with me on this crazy journey we call life πŸ’•


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