Weekend Round Up (Memorial Day Edition!)

Hi Loves! Happy Tuesday! I’m SO excited to be back with a Weekend Round Up today. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve gotten the chance to post one of these! Since we’ve been stuck at home in Quarantine, we haven’t really been doing anything Weekend Round Up worthy. But, since this past weekend was a holiday weekend, I figured I would share how we celebrated!

If you’ve been here awhile, you know that I really love Memorial Day Weekend. I love to go home to Manistee, and visit my family. We have BBQs and Birthday Parties and kick off summer at the beach. But thanks to coronavirus, this year looked really different.

While technically our Governor opened up the part of Northern Michigan I call home, where we live is still under the Stay at Home order until June 13th. I was worried about heading Up North and bringing germs to my loved ones. (Turns out I shouldn’t have been worried because the entire state was literally in the Traverse City area over the weekend.) So instead of heading North, my parents decided to come visit us instead.

It wasn’t our usual MDW, but we still enjoyed ourselves!

My family arrived on Wednesday evening! I was so happy to have them here!

We worked in our yard a lot over the next couple of days! My Dad fixed our pond and it’s so gorgeous now! When we bought our house it came with a Koi Pond and we had zero idea how to take care of it. My dad knows a lot about that kind of stuff though, and was super excited to help! This summer we took on the challenge of emptying out the pond and really cleaning it. So while I was at work, that’s what my Dad and Trev worked on! It was crazy… they ended up digging out SEVEN wheelbarrows full of sludge! We now have a crystal clear pond and can see all our fishies! They are super active now too, so I think they like having the clean water to swim around in!

Friday evening, we made White Claw slushies and played board games!

Saturday we worked in our backyard all morning/afternoon! It was the perfect day to be out. We power washed, stained and wood-chipped our way around our backyard!

Saturday evening we had a BBQ! It wasn’t as good as our typical MDW BBQs at my Grandma’s, but our food was delicious and we had a lot of fun!

We made White Claw Cherry limeades that were amazing!

After dinner, we lit up our fire! (I haven’t really showed too much of what we’ve done to our backyard yet, because we still have SO far to go. But you’re going to get a little sneak peak of the progress!) We had the most relaxing night out by the fire!

Turns out a bunch of people in our neighborhood were shooting off fireworks that night! You can see them through the trees in this picture! Also, how magical does our little patio look at night?! I just love it so much!

Sunday we went for a nice long walk around our neighborhood before it got too warm! We worked a little bit more in the yard before heading inside to enjoy the air conditioning and our last night together.

Monday morning came too quickly, and it was time to say goodbye to my family. I was super sad… I hate it when they leave! A couple of hours after they left, Trev’s Mom and Dad made it up to visit and have a little mini Memorial Day BBQ! It was so nice to see them… it’s been so long thanks to Quarantine!

We ended our Memorial Day with a workout (we’re trying the viral Chloe Ting Two Week Shred!) and The Office!

How were your weekends?! Did you celebrate the holiday as normal, or did you spend it at home like us?

I’ll be back tomorrow with a #WhatUpWednesday! And then guess what? Thursday is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of us buying our home!! How has it been a year already?! I’ve got a special post full of pictures from this past year that you haven’t seen yet. And holy cow, the before and afters will BLOW.YA.MIND.

Alright my loves, I’m signing off. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!


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