Everything I’ve Bought on Amazon Lately!

Hi Friends! Happy, happy Monday! Today, I’m sharing EVERYTHING I have been buying on Amazon lately! It’s a huge mumble jumble of stuff. Seriously… it’s so random. But everything I have ordered been SO GOOD. I feel like sometimes Amazon really knocks it out of the ballpark or falls really flat. There’s never any in between. And so far, every Quarantine Purchase I’ve made has been awesome. So I figured that today, I’d share with you! (In case you want to be like me and get click happy!)

Vanity Make Up Lights // Globe Electric Ceiling Light // Amazon Basics Tension Shower Rod // Flush Mount Ceiling Light // Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain // Cabinet Pulls // Blue Light Glasses // Sheet Set // Toilet Paper Holder // Towel Hook // Cotton Balls // Eero WiFi Router // Duvet Set // Globe Patio Lights // Adirondack Chair // Jordana Best Lash Extreme // Savoy House Two Light Bathroom Vanity Light // Duvet Insert // Sports Bra

WOW that’s a lot! And because I don’t want to bore you talking for hours about everything I’ve purchased, here is a quick overview!

These Vanity Lights are probably my favorite thing on the list. They take any mirror and turn it into a Make Up Mirror in seconds. They are SO GOOD and so bright. I feel like I can’t have a bad makeup day now.

I’ve finally gotten around to replacing some more of the lighting in our home! We’ve needed it desperately! We purchased this double vanity light for our bathroom downstairs, and are still waiting for it to be delivered. (The delivery date keeps getting changed on us…) We finally have a replacement for the boob light in our kitchen too! This LED flush light is SO BRIGHT. We love it! And lastly, we bought two of these ceiling lights for our upstairs hallway. They look so good and expensive in person! Don’t hesitate to buy these if you like them because I have a feeling they won’t be in stock much longer.

When Quarantine first started we tackled a new project… our bathroom! Because we couldn’t go to the stores, we turned to Amazon for everything we needed. We couldn’t be more impressed with everything we picked up! Our biggest project was removing the old/broken glass doors and replacing with a new shower curtain. We bought the actual curtain from Target, but the rod, hangers, and liner are all from Amazon! We also painted our cabinets and added new black hardware. To match the hardware, we switched out our toilet paper holder and towel hooks too! (Towel hooks are on super sale right now!!)

We’re also working on beautifying our backyard! It’s a pretty big job. But it’s actually starting to come together! One of my favorite projects in our backyard has been transforming what I call our mini patio. The previous owners had a hot tub years ago, but all that is left is a cement slab. We’ve put built wooden poles, strung lights and put out new chairs and a firepit! We have been loving spending time out there so far. (You’ll see it later in the summer, once we have it looking more complete.) My exact lights are sold out, but these are super similar. Our Adirondack chairs are FOLDABLE! Talk about easy storage this winter. Plus, they are really affordable compared to most Adirondacks. We really love them!

Another project we took on in Quarantine was starting our guest bedroom remodel. I ordered all the bedding we needed from Amazon! This linen duvet set is SO AMAZING. I will be purchasing it for our bed when we eventually get around to redoing our room. It’s really soft and looks so nice! I ordered the color Denim Blue, which is sold out right now. But I bet any color would be so pretty! I went ahead and purchased this duvet insert (no complaints) and this sheet set (they are so highly rated for a reason!) too.

Over in the tech department, we purchased a new router because my super old Apple Airport (RIP) finally took a poop. So far we like it! It was really easy to set up and does it’s job. It’s also pretty inexpensive as far as routers are concerned. We also bought some new blue light glasses since we seem to be staring at our computers/phones more these days. (I’m wearing mine now!)

Andddd three things that I needed were cotton balls (you can’t find a better deal on them anywhere else), new mascara (I’ve raved about this one for years, it’s my favorite!) and a new sports bra! (It just got here today, I’m super excited to try it. It’s got great reviews!)

And now? I’m taking this to heart… until I see another really good deal that is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alright guys. I’m exhausted. I’m off to sleep! Have a great night! I’ll be back tomorrow.


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