Life Lately… in Quarantine!

Hi Friends! Happy, happy Monday! I hope the sun is shining bright wherever you are like it is in Michigan today. I swear, there is nothing that boots your mood like a little blue skies and sunshine!

Today, we’re taking a look into our life lately… at home! I’ve been seeing SO many people posting about all the wonderful things they are doing while safe at home. They are crossing things off to do lists, shredding insane amounts of weight and cooking up 5 course meals. Seeing all these amazing accomplishments always gets me a little bit down. Because that is SO NOT what our Quarantine looks like.

Then… I reminded myself. I’m looking at everyone else’s highlight reel. So today, I figured I’d share my non-highlight, non-Instagram worthy, totally normal Quarantine. Spoiler Alert. We’re in sweats every day.

When our Quarantine started, we had LOTS of high hopes. We had to-do lists, work out plans, and meal ideas to make sure we made the most of our time home!

We remodeled out bathroom! We took out the shower doors, and put up a curtain!

We also repainted the walls/trim and cabinets! We love how bright it’s made our bathroom!

We took daily walks around our neighborhood.

And started some landscaping in our backyard!

That was all in the first week! Then… well. We realized we should take this opportunity to relax a bit. We’d both been overworked and were getting burnt out when we were told to self isolate. So, we decided to take a step back and take time to relax and rest a bit too. Since then…

We realized sleeping in and snuggling with Jacksy Cat made our day’s start so much better.

We have remembered our love for puzzles and podcasts.

And we’ve discovered new and old Netflix obsessions!

You guys. Obvi we are obsessed with Tiger King along with the rest of the world, and I immediately recognized Doc Antle in the first episode! My senior spring break we went to his satellite location in Myrtle Beach where you can feed tiger cubs. So here’s a little throw back for you. HAHA

We’ve planned at home date nights since we can’t go out on Fridays right now.

One day, we attempted to clean and organize our closets, in prep for a closest makeover we have planned once Ikea opens back up. It did not got well… and took me approximately 5 days.

We’ve been making sure to stay in touch with our families.

And we’ve been cleaning our house… a lot! (And disinfecting too.)

We’ve enjoyed the sunshine every chance we’ve gotten!

We’re still walking. But now, we’re taking longer walks, and enjoying exploring our neighborhood!

We’ve been working out daily. (Jacksy Cat too.)

We’re playing our favorite games… like Shut the Box!

We’ve turned off our electronics and watched the thunderstorms roll in.

We’re relaxing in our new chairs every chance we get!

We ate dinner outside for the first time this season! (This is one of our favorite summer traditions!)

Speaking of eating… we’re trying new, healthy recipes every chance we get!

This sweet potato chili is my new favorite food!

We’ve had a few unfortunate accidents.

RIP giant bottle of hot sauce.

We celebrated Easter with a big Easter brunch!

We’ve become professional snugglers.

I redecorated our builtins after taking down the Spring decor!

It’s amazing what you can do with the things you already have when you don’t have the option of going to the store!

We’re making a HUGE dent in our book collection. (I read 4 books last week alone!)

We’re spending a lot of time on our big cozy couch.

We’re trying our best to stretch everyday.

Oh! I’m baking… a lot.

Banana Bread anyone?! Come back tomorrow for my simple recipe! Plus a few other yummy recipes to bake while you’re at home!

And most importantly, we’re still working/learning/ and growing.

Turns out, being in quarantine isn’t so bad! Taking a step back and relaxing and making sure we’re taking the time to slow down and enjoy this extra time at home has been the best thing!

How are you spending your time at home?!!

Alright my loves. I’m off to get some burgers on the grill! I hope you all have a great night. I’ll be on my couch watching The Bachelor Listen to Your Heart 🙂

See you tomorrow!


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