#WhatUpWednesday Quarantine Edition!

Hey hey friends! Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re all having the best day. It’s been SNOWING here all day. Seriously! I just posted my Spring Bucket List yesterday. You think I jinxed us?? HA

I’m back for another #WhatUpWednesday but this time, I’m sharing all my favorite things about Quarantine. I know that a lot of people are frustrated about being home, and I totally understand that. However, I am a big believer in finding the good in any situation. And for me, knowing that I’m #SafeAtHome and helping keep others safe too. This poem that people have been sharing all over Facebook is really hitting hard right now.

How pretty is this print version? You can find it here.

So today, in honor of staying home, let’s do a #WhatUpWednesday Quarantine Edition!

What I’m Reading

I’m digging into my stockpile of Elin Hilderbrand books! I’m deep into The Winter Street Series right now! Personally, I love beach reads. They are my favorite kind of books. However, I know most people like more of a variety. If you’re looking for some recommendations, go check out Ashley Spivey (@ashleyspivey) on Instagram! She was on Brad Womack’s season of The Bachelor and was one of my favorite contestants. She reads A TON and has a bunch of great recommendations on her highlight reel!

What I’m Working Out To

I shared my all time favorite online workouts a few weeks ago! If you’re looking for a good at home work out, check it out here! I’ve also found a new workout that I’ve decided to try as a challenge. They aren’t in English, but it’s okay because she uses subtitles! I like her workouts because they are quick, but I feel them hard every time I do them. Check them out here.

What I’m Eating

One of my favorite things about being home is spending more time with Trev. For the first time in a few years, we actually have the chance to cook dinner together every night of the week. We’ve been trying new recipes and making old favorites, using the things we have in our pantry and freezer! You can see a few of our favorite recipes (that don’t need a lot of ingredients) here! OR, click here to see recipes I’ve shared over the years for everything from pot and chili to yummy desserts! (And everything in between!)

What I’m Watching

I shared all of my favorite shows to stream while stuck at home! Recently, I’ve been binging The Middle. (One of my all time favorite shows!) We’ve been trying SUPER hard not to just sit and watch tv all day everyday. But I have to admit, my new favorite morning routine of drinking two cups off coffee and laughing a long with The Hecks makes my heart really happy!

What I’m Playing

In lieu of watching TV, we’ve been spending time together playing our favorite games! Trev played Clue for the first time EVER the other night! We also love Life, Monopoly and Trouble! We’ve also been working on puzzles. Our favorites are by Buffalo Games. (We get them at Target or on Amazon!) We love to do puzzles while drinking margaritas and listening to podcasts. It’s like the best way to spend an evening!

What Else I’m Doing

I’ve been having fun restyling our shelves with decor I already have, trying DIYs with craft supplies I have in my bin and doing some adult coloring pages! I’ve also been dreaming up designs for our upstairs, and doing some online window shopping. Hey, a girl can dream of the day she gets to go shopping again, right?

What are you doing while you’re home in Quarantine?!

Alright my loves. I’m off to make some Spaghetti and Meatballs… and watch another episode of The Middle.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday, loves! I’ll be back tomorrow.


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