MASSIVE House Update! + Our Finished and Ongoing Projects

Eeeeeeek! I’m SOOOOO excited about today’s post friends! I’m sharing House Update #3 with all of you today! It’s been far too long since I’ve shared one of these with you!

This post was planned to go up yesterday, but it has taken me FOUR days to write. I wanted to make sure I had everything listed/photographed/linked for you! Heads up… you’re in for a v. long post.

As I sat back to start gathering photos to share with you, I couldn’t believe my eyes. We worked so hard day after day to turn this house into our home. I am happy to say our main floor renovation is done! (Minus a few finishing touches! More on those in a bit!)

It’s crazy to think that this time last year, we were putting an offer in on this home. (Well technically, we put our offer in the last week of April.) And now, I’m sitting on my cozy couch, in my cozy living, that is the most perfect reflection of Trevor and I. When I look around me, I see the reflection of hard work and visions come to life. And I can’t believe that we call this beautiful place home!

We are so dang lucky and blessed.

It’s taken a lot of elbow grease, tears and helpful YouTube videos, but I’m so excited to share the official before and after photos of our main floor, and give you some sneak peaks at our second floor renovation! Then, I’ll share a few of our ongoing projects with you, so you can kind of see my vision too!

If you didn’t see our Empty-ish House Tour, click here to see what the rooms looked like when we began! (You’ll also see the same photos in this post!) And if you didn’t see our first House Update click here, and our second House Update click here!

Now, might I recommend going and grabbing a cup of coffee and getting snuggly. This post is about to be a long one! (I’m feeling chatty… I haven’t been able to talk to anyone but my husband and my cat. HAHA)

Alright friends, today I’m opening my doors to you! Come on in, I’m so excited to share my home with you!

Ugh. I need some sunshine.

The last time you saw our house, it looked a little something like this! (These photos are making me miss my fall decor… and want to delete this filter.)

On my last house update, I shared the projects we hoped to get done to call our main floor finished! I’m proud to say we’re almost finished!)

  • Paint Touch Ups (To the walls and molding)
  • Finish Painting Bathroom and Basement doors and replace the hardware
  • Refinish Stair Wall
  • Build Entry Way Table
  • Finish Molding Around the Doors
  • And of course… finish the decorating!

So…. who is ready to see some before and afters?!!! I.Am.So.Excited!

In our last update, I linked products for you, so I’ll be copying/pasting those links again, and adding in new links too!

Our Entryway

Can you even believe this is the same house?!!! Let’s take a closer look!

I absolutely LOVE how our entryway has turned out! Our light was an Amazon find, that you can grab here! (The light bulb is this one that we picked up at Home Depot.) Our frames and pictures are the same ones that we had hanging in our apartment! You can find out more about them here. Our entryway table is one of our newest additions to our house and I love it so much! It’s practical in that we have a bowl for our keys and a basket for our junk, but also so pretty and welcoming! The vase and basket were from the spring line at Hobby Lobby (I couldn’t find them online!), the small console table is from Walmart, bowl and black candle are Target, and the artwork is made by me!

I took pieces of all the wallpaper we un-covered in our home and made a collage with them, as a little tribute to the previous owners! I love this because it’s a unique piece of art for us, but I know this house brought a lot of happiness to the previous owners. I’m hoping it brings just as much happiness to us too!

Our walls look so much darker from this angle! You can find the rug Jacksy Cat is sitting on here! It’s from Target, and held up great through the winter. The basket full of Jacksy’s toys is from a local store in Manistee. And in case you’re wondering what our Wallflower smells like, it’s Limoncello 🙂

Our stairs are finally so much safer! I know, they’d have been so much prettier had we refinished the wood. But they were beyond slippery and a little steep. I’m sharing a little bit more about our carpet in a few paragraphs! However, spoiler alert! It is beautiful and I highly recommend it! You can also see a few of our new frames! We have three going up the stairs. These are the same frames we used in our living room, but in a slightly smaller size. (You’ll see why in a few paragraphs!)

The stairs are also the start of our upstairs renovation, which you’ll see in a bit! You’ll notice they are still missing trim!

Next up, our living room!

Andddd let’s take a closer look here too!

Our oversized couch and chair are both from Home by Sean and Catherine Lowe! You can read a full review on them here. Our frames are these from Michaels! We bought them in the size 18×24 when they were on sale for buy one, get two free. I love them, but you can’t buy this size print just anywhere. I ended up being able to get three of our Nantucket/Martha’s Vineyard photos printed in the correct size from Vista Print. Next time, I would just size up one size or down one size! (Which is what we did on our stairs.) You can find more information on our pillows and throw here!

We love using Amazon Photos to display our travel photos as the screensaver on our TV!

Our rug is this one from Rugs USA! I spent countless hours trying to decide on the right type of rug for us. I wanted a hand tied rug that looked like I traveled to a distant country or at least World Market to get it… however my budget didn’t allow either of those options. I found this one and knew it was the one I wanted. I got an AMAZING deal on it and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased a second one for our den.

This is a photo from earlier this year, before I found the cute little plant for our table!

Our curtain rod is this one from Amazon, and our curtains are from Ikea! (I’m the worst and can’t remember which ones they are, but if you look on Pinterest, they are the ones that everyone raves about!)

Our coffee table is from Marshalls! It comes in two sizes. We have the larger size in our living room and the smaller size in our den.

And our clock is from Hobby Lobby!

Next up is our kitchen/dining/den! I’m blobbing them together since they are all in the same space! Let’s see some before and afters before we get into details!

This is the area in our home where I’m always shocked by the changes. Honestly, it doesn’t even look like the same house to me!

Trevor wrapped the mint poles with wood and I stained them to give them a faux beam look! He also made the mini shelves for me that you see on the wall. Currently, I’m using them to display display some of my hand made cutting boards from my Grandpa, a few trinkets that were passed down to me from my great grandma’s kitchens, and a framed copy of my Grandma Rosie’s bread recipe in her handwriting!

Our garbage can is this one from SimpleHuman. It’s stupid expensive for a trash can but it’s really, really nice and well worth the money. Our new microwave is this one from Best Buy. We love it! We haven’t owned a new microwave since we moved into our college dorms and this one feels so high tech! It’s quite pricey, but we needed it to have a fan since it’s over our range, and it needed to be slim because we don’t have a ton of space. If you’re in this predicament, I highly recommend this microwave!

You’ll also notice that we painted our cabinets. This was one of the very first projects we did in our home. I’m going to sharing a post this week all about painting your cabinets! If you’re looking for a fun project to do while you’re stuck at home, this is it! Subscribe to my blog to have it delivered to your inbox so you don’t miss this upcoming post!

Of course Jacksy had to eat right while I was taking photos.

Would you believe our new light is from the kid’s section at Target?! Isn’t it so perfect?! And it’s really, really affordable. I LOVE our dining room table. We got it at Macy’s! (It’s on a super sale right now! You can also choose to get it with a bench instead of two chairs.) The only bad thing was the wood matched our floor a little bit TOO perfectly, so I found this indoor/outdoor rug at Wayfair to help offset the colors. I really love how it looks! (This rug is on a closeout sale right now since the season is ending! I highly recommend picking it up ASAP because you won’t find a rug this big, this good of quality for this good of a price!)

Not much has changed in our den since you last saw it, except for the decor! You can find more decor photos here. Right now (you can’t see it in this photo) it’s decorated for spring.

Just off our kitchen, is our half bath/door to the garage/door to the basement. The biggest changes are that we replaced the door handles, painted the doors, and added a kitty door so our little man can go downstairs whenever he pleases! Get a kitty door for your little floofster here.

Last up is our bathroom which I didn’t share in the before and after photos because it’s super hard to take a photo in… and it was pretty much done the last time you saw it! The only new addition has been this cute little shelf over the toilet! Normally I decorate it with 3 rolls of toilet paper, but unfortunately, now is not the time to be decorating with TP. HAHA

Sorry the lighting is terrible in this photo!

Literally EVERYTHING in this photo is from Target with the exception of my Nantucket print! That I found on Etsy 🙂 You can buy our shelf here, and the plant/vase/candle were in the Dollar Spot this Spring!

And guys! That’s our entire main floor! We love how it’s turned out SOOOO much! And now, we’re ready to tackle our upstairs! I haven’t shared any photos of our upstairs because for a really long time, it looked exactly like it did the day we bought it.

We’ve started chipping away at our upstairs! The first major thing we did was remove the old, gross carpet!

It was super exciting finding wood floor underneath! Our original plan was to refinish the wood floor, but that wasn’t going to happen until early 2020. What we found out was that we didn’t like having hardwoods in our bedrooms. We really missed carpet!

So we started a search for high quality carpet that would stand up to wear and tear. We ended up choosing the same brand as our vinyl floor, LifeProof from Home Depot! We made our order and knew we had awhile until the order would come in and be installed. So in that month… we got as much painting done as we could!

We removed the purple paneling and wallpaper from the walls, and painted the “blue room” the same color as the rest of our house. This is going to be our guest room, so we knew this color would be the perfect choice! (We haven’t painted our room or the third bedroom yet. Eventually, we’d like the third bedroom to be a nursery, so it seems pointless to paint it right now. Especially when we are just using it for storage/working out/working from home.)

Getting everything done in the hour we had afterwork was a dang TASK to say the least. It didn’t come without hiccups… like me falling and dumping paint all over myself. 🤦🏽‍♀️BUT we got it done!

The carpet is Jacksy Cat approved! I love the carpet we chose for our stairs and hallway. It looks super luxe, and feels so nice! We picked the Aura carpet in Shoreline Haze because it’s made for heavy traffic areas.

We obviously still have a few things to do in our stairway/hallway! Starting with the new moulding! We’re choosing the same white moulding that we have in the rest of our home. We’re also going to be replacing the closet door at the end of the hallway. (In all the rooms, actually!)

The Blue Room is no longer blue! It is painted, but other than that, we’ve got nothing done! Like the air mattress? HAHA We have a mattress for this room, but we need to either buy a box spring or a platform bed before we can put it up!

This room needs some love. We’re planning to add a fun feature wall, a new closet, new moulding and new blinds! Plus some really fun decor.

You’ll notice that the carpet in this room is different! We chose the LifeProof Pet Proof Gazelle II in the color Bare. I won’t lie, I was disappointed in the look of this carpet. The sample looked slightly shaggier, which was what I had wanted. This looks very compact and IMO, a little bit old-folks home-ish. However, it is the absolute softest carpet I’ve ever put my feet on. And it’s really squishy and thick. So, if you don’t care what it looks like, I highly recommend this carpet too!

Also, Jackson has spit up two hair balls on it and it cleaned like a dream!

We also started our renovations on our bathroom! The bathroom was probably the most “modern” room in the house. We actually weren’t really planning on changing anything except for the wall color.

But… quarantine got to me and I kind sorta went all out. HAHA We painted our walls the same color as our small bathroom, Behr River Veil, and it DID NOT look good with all the dark wood. What looked Fresh and New in our downstairs bathroom looked like a house that had been painted in the 60s and hadn’t been touched since in the upstairs bathroom. So we removed the shower doors, put up a pretty shower curtain, and painted all the wood (even the cabinets) white! And guys… it looks SO pretty! It really brightened up our bathroom and made it feel so much bigger! We’ve added in some shelves for extra storage too! Now, we need all the bathroom decor and accessories! I literally can’t wait to walk the aisles of Target again. HAHA Oh! And I think we’re going to add some black hardware to our cabinets. And a new light fixture!

Our shower curtain is from Target, the shower rod and hooks are Amazon Basics, you’ll recognize the shelves as the same from our little bathroom, and the pot is from Dollar Tree! (Not sure if it’s going to stay there, we literally threw up a few things on the shelves to make sure they were sturdy.) I’m super excited to style these shelves to make storage pretty and functional!

Andddd our room and the “white” bedroom are absolute disasters. The White Bedroom has been used for painting cabinets, storage and is now Trev’s makeshift office. Our bedroom has piles of clothes everywhere at the moment because I decided to “clean” the other day and still haven’t finished. #Typical

We still have A LOT of work ahead of us! Here are some of our ongoing and future projects!

  • Replace light fixtures in Kitchen, Half Bath, and Master Bath
  • Paint Touch-ups for entire main floor
  • New moulding for the stairway/hallway + new moulding around all doors
  • New Closet Doors for Hallway + All Bedrooms
  • Paint + Decor for Guest Room
  • Paint + Decor for Master
  • Hardware for Bathroom
  • Decor for Bathroom
  • New Blinds for Entire House!

Like I’ve said… our upstairs needs A LOT of love. I’m excited though, because I’m finally feeling inspired and have design plans for it!

We’ve also started fixing up our back yard! Yesterday, we spent a few hours raking up old landscaping and now I can barely move today. HA Our goal is to get rid of a lot of the old landscaping on the left hand side of our yard, and plant grass! We miss having the grassy space we both grew up with. We’ve also got big plans for both of our patios, and are going to be trying to fix our existing privacy fence. We’ve had to come up with some creative solutions because of the way the previous owners have laid out the back yard. We also have a big koi pond with a lot of landscaping around it that we can’t really change.

It’s a tall order, but as the weather gets nicer, we’re getting excited to tackle the challenge! Don’t worry, I’ll take you along with me on that journey too 🙂

Oh my goodness. That was the world’s longest post! It’s crazy to see all the changes we’ve made. We are SO proud of the changes we made and the projects we were able to complete on our own!

Are their projects you have questions about? Any that you want to see an entire post on? Let me know in the comments below! I’m finishing up a post for later this week on painting cabinets! Home reno posts are my absolute favorite to write right now!

Alright my loves, if you made it this far, I hope you have the best day! I”ll be back tomorrow.


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