5 Habits to Start During Your Coronacation to Make Your “Normal” Life Better When This Is All Over

Hey Loves! Happy Tuesday. I could really get used to this laying on my couch with coffee while I type to you in the mornings thing…

I’m back today to share a few ideas for some Healthy Habits you can start while you’re stuck at home these next few weeks! Did you know that it takes 21 days to form a habit?

I’m using this time at home to try to form some new habits for myself. Habits that will make my life better once I get back to my normal routine. These habits are things that I have been trying to do, but haven’t had (or made) the time.

Start Each Day With Some Stretches

Do you know what I’m finding starts my day off best? Doing a few stretches when I get out of bed! Sometimes I just do some of my old favorite stretches from my dance class days, and sometimes I like to turn on a stretching video from YouTube. But either way, the stretches help me to wake up and start my day off on a better note. I know when I go back to work I won’t have a half hour to stretch every morning (and I already get up at 4:45, I’m not waking up any earlier!) but I’m going to make it my mission to stretch for at least 5 minutes!

Practice Self Care

You know what I’m truly terrible at? Taking time for myself. When I get home from work, I focus on spending time with Trevor and Jackson and before I know it, it’s time for me to get into bed. I’ve been using this extra time to take at least a half hour for myself every day. Sometimes it’s a whole ordeal with a bubble bath, face mask, cosmic brownie and book. Other times, it’s as simple and taking the extra 10 minutes in the shower to deep condition my hair and shave my legs. I’ve noticed that even taking the smallest amount of time for myself helps me to feel better, and not so beaten down. I’m going to self care a priority (at least once a week) once we get back to “normal”.

Get Outside

I’m taking this time to take advantage of getting to be outside! I always feel better/less anxious after a walk or even just a few deep breaths of fresh air. Here in Michigan, March isn’t the best month weather-wise, but on the days when the sun is shining, you can bet I’m getting outside for as much time as I can! I’ve really been enjoying Trev and I’s daily walks around our neighborhood, and I’m hoping to continue our walks through the summer!


I always forget how much I love working out and how much better I feel after when I get into a slump. I was in a major workout slump the last couple of months. Being so bogged down at work, I was coming home too exhausted to do anything but eat and sleep. Now that I’m feeling much more rested, I’ve been able to get back into a workout routine, and I love love love it! I look forward to moving, stretching and toning every day. I’m making a promise to myself to continue working out a few days a week once I go back to work! (Even if that workout is just going for a walk outside!)

Pick Up

One thing I’ve noticed being at home the past week is that we’re really bad about picking up. And before we know it, we’ve got a giant pile of dishes every single day and we spend an hour every night cleaning the kitchen and that’s an hour of time that could be used for doing something we enjoy instead. So this week, I’m trying to pick up after myself as I go. I’ve been trying to live by the “if it takes less than 2 minutes just do it now” rule, and it’s been helping so much! I want to keep up with this so that we spend less time cleaning on weekends.

I’ve noticed by making these 5 small changes, I’ve been a lot less stressed/anxious and feel a lot better! I’m hoping that they can help you too!

Alright my loves. We are going outside of our house today for the first time in forever! We need to get ink for our printer and garbage bags. (Weird essentials right?) I’m super excited to get out of the house… I feel like Anna!

Have you watched Frozen 2?? I freakin’ bawled my eyes out multiple times. HAHA

Have a great Tuesday everyone! I’ll be back tomorrow.


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