10 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas!

Hi Friends! Happy… wait? What day is it? It’s Week 2 of being at home for me and my brain is starting to get all jumbley!

I also look exactly like this…

Like not even kidding. Red and white polka dot pants and all.

I’m not complaining. I really do enjoy being at home. However, I’m realizing that I had two big hobbies (going out to eat and shopping at Target) and now they have both been taken away from me.

And every day, I die a little bit more inside. #dramatic

Every Friday night, for as long as I can remember has been date night for me and Trev. We get home from work, dress up and head out to eat. We get drinks, talk about our weeks and enjoy spending time together. It’s the one thing that I look forward to most every week, and last Friday, it hit me like a ton of bricks that we didn’t get to do that. (And I was super sad.)

And since it’s going to be awhile before any of us get to leave our homes, I realized date night was going to have to look a little bit different from now on. Even though we’re spending every hour of every day together now, it’s still important to us to set time (and our phones) aside one night a week to enjoy time together and “go on a date”.

Here are some of our ideas to keep Friday Night Date Night going while we’re stuck in quarentine!

Relive Your Childhood

One of our favorite date nights is to recreate happy memories from our childhood. Card games in blanket forts? So much yes. The floor is lava? You know it. Old cartoons on the couch? Of course. We love to take a step back in time, to when we had no worries and life was a whole lot simpler. The night always ends with our cheeks hurting from laughing and learning so much more about one another, even though we’ve been in each others lives for almost 10 years!

Game Night

We loveeeee game night! We have a ton of board games at our house, and it’s fun to take turns choosing one to play. (I pick Life or Clue every single time.) Sometimes we up the ante and the loser has to do the gross chores for the week… like scrubbing the toilets. Yuck.

Cooking “Class”

We like to watch cooking/baking shows on tv. And one of the funnest dates is to try to recreate something we saw! One of our favorite shows is The Great British Bake Off! The other night, we tried one of the judge’s pizza recipes! It was so fun to follow along with her recipe/the show and recreate something delicious that we could eat!

Candlelight Dinner

Candles make everything more romantic… even if you’re at the bottom of your quarantine stash and all you have to eat is mac and cheese and ramen.

Backyard Picnic

Picnics are my favorite! I love packing up our picnic basket and heading to the park to eat. Unfortunately, our parks are all closed here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pack up and head out to our backyard! (That is if the weather ever decides to cooperate. So jealous of all of you social distancing in states that have sunshine and 70 degrees!)

Movie Night

I’m always happy to curl up on the couch with popcorn and a movie! The challenge with this is wanting to scroll on our phones. We have to set them in the other room and pretend like we’re in a movie theater.

Puzzles and Podcasts

We love to work on puzzles and listen to our favorite podcasts! Our go-to podcasts that we both really enjoy are Small Town Murder and The Office Ladies!

Do a DIY

We love to do projects together. We’re always so proud to see our DIYs hanging in our home, knowing we made it together! Sometimes we try big projects (like building shelves) and sometimes we do something small (like painting ornaments at Christmastime) but no matter what we’re doing, we love it!

Vinyl Listening Party

One of our new favorite things is listening to records on our record player. We feel super fancy sitting in our den, with a drink listening to old records. It’s kind of like a time travel date 🙂

Watch a Comedy Special

Nothing is better than laughing with your significant other. We like to find comedy specials on Netflix to watch. They usually leave us on the floor in tears from laughing so hard!

I hope these ideas help you plan a fun date night at home for this weekend. What’s your favorite date night at home? Leave it in the comments below!

Alright loves, I’m off to continue my very busy day of sitting on the couch 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “10 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas!

  1. going out to eat & shopping at target at great hobbies lol, i miss wandering target for sure. these are such great ideas!! i’m always looking for activities to do while listening to podcasts & love the idea of doing a puzzle while listening 💛

    Liked by 1 person

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