College Spring Break Survival Guide 2020

MY LOVES! It’s been SO long! I was planning on a Weekend Round Up post on Sunday and realized I took ZERO pictures last weekend and did nothing but clean the house. Yesterday, I knew I had a late meeting for work, so not post would be going up and had planned to tell you that in my Weekend Round Up. Oops. Anyways, I’m happy to be back for College Spring Break week here on Savannah Said It!

Every year, the first week of March, I share this post. Not because I’m living in my college glory days, or because I’m trying to scare you about all the creepy things lurking underneath the fun College Spring Break facade. I’m just here to try to help! So, without further ado, let’s get into my College Spring Break Survival Guide!

Dear Spring Breakers,

I’m here to help you. I want to make sure your Spring Break goes as smoothly as it possibly can, and that you don’t end up like the Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez and that other girl after they meet Alien. If you know what I mean.

Spring Break is the best. It’s a time to relax, throw your worries to the wayside, and just enjoy yourselves before the stresses of the semester coming to end smack you in the face like a tidal wave. So, set aside the 3,000 vocab words you’re trying to cram into your brain before your midterm in two hours, and join me in a quick survival guide to get you through any Spring Break beach situation.

For those of you heading home… I’m v. jealous of you. A week in my bed being lazy sounds like the greatest thing in the world right now. For those of you going off on some awesome European adventure, flying out to a mission trip (you guys rock) or heading to an all inclusive resort to sit in a mud bath for a week straight, I’m pretty positive you can make it through your week without me.

This post is for all you heading to PCB, Daytona, Fort Myers, South Padre, Cancun…. you know. Those party beaches. Those places that are crawling with 20 somethings that have had slightly too much alcohol, sun and stress over the last few months. Those places that you see on TV with wet t-shirt contests and drinks the size of your face. Yeah. Those places.

I’m here to help you make it out alive, and you know, not end up in jail.

Savannah’s Spring Break Survival Guide

Get ready to enjoy more embarrassing photos like this one from Spring Break 2011 in Fort Meyers Beach, FL.

Hydrate. College student, meet water. Your new Spring Break BFF. Seriously. While drinking all day might seem cool, passing out from dehydration is not. Alcohol will always have a diuretic effect, no matter where in the world you are. That means, your body is going to lose water, and over heat quicker. Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy your day at the beach when you feel like you’re going to die from a headache and nausea. So make it your goal to drink excessive amounts of water. Drink it between alcoholic drinks on the beach during the day, and chug it before you go out at night.

See my Bubba Keg? It was filled with ice water.

Sunscreen. Want to know what sucks? Going to the beach when you’re already so red that it hurts to move. So reapply that sunscreen (once every hour or two) so that you don’t end up like this…

It will save you from being in pain the rest of the week!

Buddy System for the Win. Whatever you do, whoever you are, don’t go anywhere alone. It’s not safe. I don’t care if you’re just running to the bathroom, or stopping at a store to check out that super cute cover up you can’t live without. You don’t want to get separated from your group, lost, or worse, (for lack of a better word) “kidnapped”. I know you’ve heard the Spring Break horror stories, and I’m not here to put a damper on your fun. But while you’re out there having the time of your life, you still need to be cautious and make smart choices. (Oh God. I sound like I’m talking to my preschoolers. I’m sorry!)

Buddy 4 Lyfe.

Create a Codeword. Heading on a girls vacay? Chances are, your pretty little self is going to get hit on multiple times on Spring Break. Have a codeword with your girls, so that if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, they can come and save you from a weird (or potentially dangerous) situation.

We didn’t have a code word, but I’m sure it would have been as cool as I am in this photo.

Follow the Rules. Does your resort have a “quiet” time policy? Follow it. You don’t want to get kicked out of your hotel with no place to stay. Don’t get yourself kicked out of the expensive ass bar you just paid to get into. Don’t take your beer can for a walk down the road. Et Cetera. You’re kind of an adult. You got dis.

I hate this picture of me. But how cute is baby faced Trev?!

Girls Gone Wild is NEVER a good idea. Is Girls Gone Wild still a thing? I’m not sure. I don’t care what they tell you, or what the alcohol is telling your brain. You’ll regret it later. Stay away from the Girls Gone Wild behavior people. And the wet t-shirt contests, and any other type of “camera” deal.

Neither are Fake IDs. They’ll see right through you. If you’re underage and want to drink, go to Mexico. Or Canada. It’s legal there.

Or tattoos. That tattoo shop in Mexico might seem like the BEST idea ever while you’re there. What a great way to remember your super awesome, classy, best vacation ever. Right? Wrong. The last thing you want is an infected tattoo and a trip to the ER to end your week of fun in the sun.

Naps on the other hand… they are a wonderful idea. Channel your inner Corrine, and head back to your hotel for a cat nap before getting ready to go out at night. Your body will thank you.

Leave your valuables at home. Yeah… those stupid cute Tory Burch sandals aren’t meant for PCB. Neither are your Ray Bans. If something is expensive, or important to you, don’t bring it unless you absolutely can’t live without it. (Lookin’ at you, iPhone.) Chances are, it will get lost, misplaced or stolen, and you’ll be on the plane home without it.

Remember. Your name IS NOT Michael Phelps. (Or if for some weird reason you’re reading this, MP. Then it is. And HI! Welcome to Savannah Said it!) Seriously. Don’t try to show off in the ocean. You can’t hold your breath for over a minute, sharks are real, and so are tides. A general rule of thumb? (Us kids that grew up on Lake Michigan learn this from the time we can walk) When the waves are big, and the current is strong, never go past your belly button.

Or if you’re me and Trev, past your ankles. HAHA

Watch your spending. Yeah… you’re on vacay. But, when you get home and see that those rounds of shots you were buying cost you hundreds, you won’t be a happy camper. Budget your money. You’ll be happy you did when all that’s left of your time at the beach is a memory.

Use Cash. If you can use cash, you’re less likely to overspend.

Pace yourself. Don’t go too hard on the first night. You’re going to be there all week, and you don’t want to ruin your entire vacation because you drank your body weight in tequila shots and can’t get out of bed without falling over.

Take lots of photos, but be smart while posting. Seriously. You’ll be SO SAD if you don’t. I’m all about capturing the moment to remember forever. That being said… don’t post all these photos on social media every day. One post a day is plenty, and it will help keep you safer. If you are constantly updating your location on social media, it makes it easier for creeps to find you.

I’d like to point out that is Trev’s IPOD in his hand. HAHAHA

Memorize one relative’s phone number. Pick someone that you know you can call for ANYTHING at ANY TIME. For some people, it’s your parents, for others it’s your cool Aunt. But be sure it is a legit adult that is responsible and would have bail money should you need it, and never judge you/still love you if you make a really really really stupid mistake. (OMG I HATE giving this tip. But in reality, you need to be prepared.)

Make New Friends. New friends are the best! And while they’ll be your BFFs on the beach, you probably won’t be BFFs when you get home. But that’s okay. Because you’ll still like each others instas and have only great memories together.

We didn’t know any of these people until we made new BFFs at the beach

And last, but most importantly…

Have the time of your life. How can you not? It’s Spring Break! Don’t be afraid to push the limits a little, let loose, and enjoy yourself. YOICO. (You’re Only In College Once. Let’s make that a thing? No. Let’s not. That’s just as stupid as YOLO.)

Ugh. Guys. I miss college so much this time of year! I share this post every year as the start of my Spring Break week because I think it’s important, and I feel like it can help all you lucky college kids sitting in airports as we speak getting ready to head off for the best week of your lives! So please, take my tips, and send me sunny vibes while I’m stuck in the frozen tundra that is Michigan!

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week! I hope wherever you are, it looks a lot more like the photos in this post and not like it does out my window right now!

I’ll be back with another Spring Break post tomorrow!


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