Hey hey! Happy, happy Wednesday my friends! We’ve officially made it half way through the week, and you know what that means… it’s time to talk about all the things I’m currently loving in my life!

What I’m Watching

Okay okay, you all know I’m watching The Bachelor but I just need a safe space to talk about it. YOU. GUYS. What did you think of Overnights?! I’m befumbled that they made them all stay in THE SAME SUITE. Like what?! Also (SPOILERS AHEAD) I can’t believe that Peter went and slept with two other girls when he clearly loves Madison. Like WHY Peter?! Do you want to fight the rest of you lives!?! OR do you really not love Madison like you say you do, because if you did would you actually sleep with two other women?Either way… that’s not a good way to start a lifelong relationship. I thought I would really like Peter as The Bachelor but I’ve just been rolling my eyes so much at him. OH! And did you catch the preview about SENIORS looking for love?! 😳Who is signing up their Grandma??

What I’m LOLing At

Keeping with The Bachelor theme, every Wednesday morning I head over to Jared Fried’s Instagram (@jaredfried) to watch his Bachelor Live Screams. He basically recaps the episode live and it’s hilarious! Trev and I were CACKLING at this weeks! Highly recommend if you love The Bachelor, and aren’t offended easily!

What I’m Dreaming Of

I’m seriously dreaming of beaches and sunny skies. I would do ANYTHING to A) get a spring break and B) go some place warm. But, since I don’t get a spring break from work, it’s pretty impossible to go someplace warm right now! However, I know all you college students that are reading this are heading out on your Spring Breaks in the next week or two! So next week, it’s College Spring Break Week here on Savannah Said it! Eeeek! It’s going to be good. And you’re going to love it!

Can I just be this carefree and tan again?! Also, not old? HAHA

What I”m Excited About

This weekend! I’ve been really stressed out lately and am looking forward to laying around and relaxing!

Alright my loves! I’m off to snuggle up in bed and NEVER come out. We are getting buried with snow right now, and the last thing I want to do is think about what my drive to work is going to be like tomorrow! My bed, Survivor and Jacksy Cat snuggles await 🙂 Have the happiest rest of your Wednesday! I’ll be back tomorrow.


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