Weekend Round Up

Happy, happy Sunday my loves! It was another sunny Sunday in metro Detroit and my heart is so happy. Not only did we have amazing weather today, but my parents were in town this weekend and we had the best time!

Our weekend started on Friday evening when I got home from work. I walked in to find the sweetest Valentine surprise from Trev, my parents and Manly waiting for me and brand new carpet!

Spoiler alert… I love the carpet on our stairs/ in our hallway. I’m not so sure about the carpet in our bedrooms. I love how soft it is, and how squishy it feels, but I fear that it looks like the carpet they put in old folk’s homes. (Everyone says I’m crazy.) But, I can’t change it, so hopefully I’ll either get used to it, or we can make it look better once we decorate the rooms. I’m super bummed that it didn’t look like I had thought it would. The color is slightly off, and it’s not as shaggy looking as the sample made it seem it would be. Which sucks cuz we paid a lot of money for it. However, since I can’t change it, I’m trying really hard not to dwell on it and just get used it. (Wish me luck. HA.)

The carpet is Jacksy Cat approved!

I changed out of my work clothes quickly and we headed to dinner. After dinner, we sat in the den and listened to our record player! The record player belonged to Trev’s grandma who just passed away. We hadn’t been able to use it yet because we didn’t have any records. My dad brought us all of his vinyl he’d saved from when he was young and we loved listening to classics!

The happiest Valentine’s Day!

Saturday we slept in and made breakfast at home before we headed out to do a little shopping! My Mom was needing a few things for her classroom from Hobby Lobby and I was needing whatever I thought looked pretty. (HA)

After a little shopping we grabbed lunch and headed to Detroit for the basketball game! My parents have been to see all of Trev’s teams play except for basketball. We loved taking them to see a Men’s game. It was a really good game, but we ended up losing by one point. Boo.

After the game we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. (I was craving those rolls!)

Then snuggled in at home to watch some Netflix. We had planned to watch a movie but ended up watching The Great British Baking Show. And y’all… we’re OBSESSED now. We can’t stop watching it! (Literally watching it right now while I”m typing this. hahaha)

Today we laid around and watched more of The Great British Baking show before they had to pack up and head back North. It was so nice to have them here this weekend, I had been missing them SO much!

After they left Trev and I took advantage of the sunny, 45 degree day and went for a walk. When we got home we finished up our laundry, got our groceries and cleaned up the house.

Now, we’ve got dinner in the oven and are settling in for the night. I think we’re going to watch PS I Still Love You! Have you watched it yet? Is it just as amazing as To All The Boys I Loved Before?!

How were your weekends?! I hope they were equal parts relaxing and fun! Alright my loves, I’m signing off for the evening, but I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂 Have the happiest rest of your Sunday!


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