Valentine’s Link Up + The Best Places to Postmate if You’re Staying In!

Hi Friends!! So this is totally lame of me, and I know this… BUT this is going to be my only post this week. We’ve got a lot going on right now because we’re trying to finish a billion things in our upstairs before Friday when they come to install our carpet!

A few things we’re trying to get done when we get home from work? Get everything moved out of our room except the big things that they will move for us, remove trim, paint and clean. It’s A LOT to get done and I don’t have time to breathe, let alone blog!

BUT I couldn’t let this week slide by without at least one post, since we’ve officially hit Valentine’s Week and you know what that means. Prepare yourselves to be hit in the face with Instagram posts of gifts, dates and declarations of love. For some reason, every February, we get caught up in the idea that over the top romantic gestures, extravagant gifts and truckloads of chocolate and roses are the only way to show our significant others we love them.

But when you step back and think about it… is that really what you want? Do you really want to spend your evening eating at a restaurant so fancy you feel uncomfortable because you probably can’t even afford to pee in their bathroom? Do you really have to prove your significant other loves you by posting pictures of insanely massive bouquets on Instagram? And most importantly, are you really celebrating your love for each other? Or have you somehow lost sight of this while getting swept up in the storm that is Valentines Day?

I’m here to bring you back to earth and tell you this… there are SO many ways to celebrate your love for each other that don’t involve the pressures that Valentine’s Day usually puts on couples. So stop trying to live up to everyone else’s V-Day expectations, and do something a bit out of the ordinary, but totally and completely “you” as a couple.

If you’re anything like Trevor and I, the one thing that is completely “us” as a couple is ordering in with Postmates, turning on a movie and snuggling up on our couch for the night.

And this is something my friends at Postmates can get behind. They compiled all the data they collected last Valentine’s Day to help you discover the most idyllic spots for ordering in this year.

You can check out ALL of the data they collected here, including which states ordered out the most last year. (Way to represent, MI 🙄)

The information that I found most interesting though, were the Top Merchants for Valentine’s Day 2019! SO if you’re thinking of staying in this year, consider ordering from one of these Top 10!

Can I just say, it’s literally zero surprise to me that Chipotle was the number one place to get food from last year? It’s always the number one place in my book…

Here’s to hoping this inspires you to Postmate something delicious this year, instead of spending way too much money to go out and be fancy!

Do you need some more Valentine inspiration? I’ve shared some fun things on the blog over the years!

Looking for a last minute date idea that doesn’t completely suck? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Last year I shared FIVE ideas that you can pull off before Friday and your significant other will love them all! Find the original post here.

Want to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girls?! Do Leslie Knope proud and click here! I shared a drink recipe that is TO DIE FOR and FIVE ideas to celebrate the beautiful tropical fish in your lives.

Wanting to cook something special for you loved ones? Head over to Mix and Match Mama for a perfect, family friendly, recipe or two!

Need a few last minute gift ideas? Check out this Buzzfeed post from last year about Subscription Boxes. I 100% believe these make the BEST last minute gifts!

Are you a blogger that’s shared a Valentine’s Day post? Maybe gift ideas, date ideas, or recipes? Post them down below! I know I’d love to see them 🙂

Alright my loves, I’m signing off because I’ve got some more painting to do. Let’s hope we don’t have a repeat of Sunday…

(If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you probably don’t know what happened. I was cutting in and the step stool I was on collapsed and I fell and dumped the entire jar of paint I was holding all over my head. My glasses are fine, my makeup covers up the paint speckles all over my forehead, but my hair? YIKES. I’ve washed it more this week than I’ve washed my hair total in the past five years. HAHA)

Have a wonderful week/weekend my loves! I can’t wait to be back on Sunday 🙂 I’ll talk to you then!


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