10 Kitchen Essentials You Can Get on Amazon That We Can’t Live Without!

Hey there loves! Happy Tuesday! I know I’ve been slacking on the Travel posts this year, and don’t worry, they are coming back! I’m just super weird and like to start series at the beginning of the month. SO, today instead of traveling to a seaside town or the top of a mountain, we’re staying closer to home. And by closer to home… I mean my kitchen 😂

One of my favorite bloggers shared her Monday Motivation yesterday sharing a some of her favorite Kitchen products. I loved this idea because I love knowing what people use to make their lives easier. I also loved that it kind of goes hand in hand with my post from yesterday all about Meal Prepping!

So today, I’ve gone and found TEN of our favorite/most used kitchen essentials on Amazon. I guarantee that if you try any of these products, you’re going to love them and they will become a staple in your kitchens too!

Pyrex Simply Store

If you read my post yesterday, you already know about these! I love these because they don’t keep leftover smells in them. Does anyone else notice this about their plastic storage after awhile? (Or is it just me?) I hate when Trev puts something “fragrant” in a plastic container and then washes it and it still smells! Because then when I go to put cookies in, they taste like that smell and I gag. This doesn’t happen with the Pyrex Glass Storage! You will love this, I promise! Get your new meal prep helpers here!

Pyrex Bake and Store

I love this mostly for it’s convenience! I love that after I’m done baking whatever it is I’m making that day, I can let it cool, then put the top on it. It makes clean up a breeze, and there is way less dishes that I have to do 🙂 Save yourself some time here.

Oxo Storage Containers

I always dreamt of a beautiful pantry full of these when I was just a college girl pinning my life away. These def. lived up to the hype in my head, but not for the reasons I thought! I always wanted them because they looked seamless and pretty in photos. And while they do look nice, I don’t use them to display all my pantry items like I thought. They sit in my cupboards keeping my coffee fresh for forever, my snacks crispy and my pasta lookin’ pretty. Make your pantry prettier here.

Oxo Garlic Press

One kitchen item I never purchased for myself was a garlic press because it seems like kind of a lot of money when I can simply cut the garlic myself. So when we got one for our wedding I was so excited! I used it once and was hooked! If you cook with a lot of garlic like we do, you NEED this in your life! I promise, it’s worth the $16. Get your’s here! (PS… there is a coupon for almost $4 off right now!!!)

Simply Calphalon Nonstick Cookware Set

Over 2,800 Amazon Reviewers love cooking with these bad boys… and I am one of them! We asked for these on our wedding registry and hoped we would love them. However, we’re picky about our pans, so we kept our old ones just in case. These 10 pans have quickly become our go-to’s, because we can cook literally anything in them and never have to worry about anything sticking in them. Seriously… we make Caramel Puff Corn and event he sticky caramel syrup runs right off the sides! I give these all the stars… they are so good! Buy yours here!

Metal Straws

These are my most used items, hands down! I use a metal straw every day for work, but also every day at home. We love these so much that we’ve actually purchased two packs of them and are considered purchasing a third. Start sipping here.

Bamboo Cutting Board

I never really understood why we needed a bamboo cutting board, until I read an article about how germy your plastic ones are. Bamboo absorbs very little moisture, which makes bamboo cutting boards more resistant to germs and microorganisms. We ordered this one and we like it a lot! But if your heart is still set on plastic, we have these ones and really like them too! Get to cutting here.

Rubbermaid Freshworks

If you’re only going to buy one item on this list, this is the one you need to get! I’m telling you, it’s freakin’ magic! Our veggies stay fresh for so long. Like two weeks long! I tell everyone that will listen about these. And they are so inexpensive! Get your new favorite food storage here.

Simple Human Trash Can

The boujee-est trash can to ever exist is actually 100% worth your money. It keeps the smells in, it holds a lot of trash, the pedal is made to not break, and it looks really, really, really sleek. So take my advice and just hit the “buy now” button here… before you second guess your choices!

Scrub Daddy’s

These are the best for scrubbing our dishes! They last a really long time, and they don’t scratch or smell. Plus the foam is flexible and allows you to clean literally anything. Get to cleaning here.

What can’t you live without in your kitchen?! Leave it the comments below! (Especially if you can get them on Amazon!)

Alright loves, I’m off to eat dinner and settle in for the night. I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂


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