Hey hey loves! It’s WEDNESDAY! You know what that means… it’s time for me to share everything I’m currently loving.

What I’m Watching

I have two shows that I am currently obsessed with! The first is obviously The Bachelor! (You all know I’m a proud member of Bachelor Nation.) What are we thinking of Peter as The Bachelor and all his women?! I really like a couple of the girls, and I think it’s going to turn out to be a really great season! I’ve also been completely enthralled with the show The Imagineering Story on Disney+! I’ve always thought being an Imagineer would be the coolest job ever since I was little, so of course I’ve been obsessed with this show! If you love Disney, or are simply curious about how all the Disney parks were created, you will LOVE this! I hear we’re getting a giant snow storm this week and I’m hoping to spend a day on my couch binging the last few episodes!

What I’m Listening To

Fine Line! I know Harry Styles’ newest album came out before the holidays, but I have a strict Christmas Music Only policy from Thanksgiving until New Years 😉 I love love love love his new album, in fact I’m boppin’ to Watermelon Sugar as I write this.

What I’m Reading

I made it my goal to read more this year! I just finished the newest installment in Elin Hilderbrand’s What Happens In Paradise series and it was SO GOOD. It took me away to the beaches of the Virgin Islands and I can’t wait to go back next winter 🙂 Now, I’m finally starting her Winter Street series! I’ve owned it for years and haven’t read it yet. I will let you know what I think once I finish!

What I’m Excited About

Decorating our home! I’ve loved having my seasonal decor up, but now it’s time to see how our home looks without all the bells and whistles! I’ve been dreaming up decor ideas the past few weeks and am hoping to get some time to play around with them this weekend! My goal is for our home to stay feeling cozy even without all the Christmas decor. I always find that once I take it down, my space feels sad and empty. So I’m working super hard to change that this year, and to be excited about decorating when the special holiday decor isn’t out! (Don’t worry… I’ll be sharing this with you too!)

What I’m LOLing At

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder than I did this week during Champagne Gate 2020. (If you don’t watch The Bachelor this will make zero sense and probably going to sound insane!) But OMG from the second Kelsey starts talking about the champagne to the giant POP you hear and the instant tears and screams and confrontations… I was cringing/scream laughing the entire time. And then we got reality TV gold in this moment right here…

I can’t. 😂Literally the best few minutes The Bachelor has ever given us. Ever. Watch it all unfold below! (If you haven’t seen it, watch both clips for everything that went down!)

What I’m Looking Forward To

This weekend! It’s been a really long week and I just really want to relax a bit and sleep!

So my friends, What’s Up in your lives?!

I’ve got a great post planned for tomorrow, but I’m not going to lie… it’s isn’t quite done yet. 🙈Fingers crossed I have time to get it up for you!

Talk to you soon!


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