Massive Weekend Round Up (Christmas Edition!)

You guys. I’m officially in a Christmas Coma. Since we’ve talked I’ve celebrated FIVE Christmas celebrations. FIVE. Like how crazy is that? Not that I’m complaining, because as you all know… I love Christmas and the entire Holiday season. The whole world just seems a little bit better because Giving and Sharing and Family and Friends are on everyone’s minds. And when it comes time to take down the Christmas decorations, put away the gifts and finish up all the leftovers, I always get super sad.

And looking through my pictures from last weekend, last week and this weekend is making me even sadder because I already miss my family so dang much! We had another perfect Christmas, and honestly, I just wish Christmas time could last forever!

I took an entire week off from work to spend the holidays with my family and friends. I’m beyond happy that I had the extra time with those I love most, because as we all know, life is way too short.

Our Christmas celebrations started out last weekend when we headed to Blissfield after work. Our first Christmas was with Trev’s family! I worked late, so we didn’t rush to get on the road. This ended up totally working in our favor, because we had no traffic! We got into town late, so we visited for a few minutes before hitting the hay.

Saturday we were up early to help start prepping for our Christmas celebrations! We helped Trev’s mom get the wrapping done and the Mexican feast prepped and ready to go for when everyone got to the house. During the day, we got a call that you never really want to get, but especially during the Holidays. Trev’s grandma had fallen and was in a lot of pain. This was especially scary because his grandma (who is 93) hadn’t really been herself lately. (Her dementia was getting worse.) Trev’s dad went to check on her and she seemed to be okay. Her nursing home was going to role in some xray machines to make sure nothing was broken, so they thought it would be best if we all stayed at the house.

So while we all still celebrated Christmas and enjoyed our time together, we were all worried about Trevor’s grandma. She ended up having to go to the hospital last night, but we got the good news that nothing was broken.

Easton’s First Christmas!
Emmy was much more interested in Christmas bulbs than taking pictures 😂
Opening Presents!
The best present helper!

I promise there were a ton more people there than just my niece and nephew… they are just the only ones I took pictures of! Oops!

Sunday we spent laying around the house. Trev’s parents were exhausted from being at the hospital all night, so we spent the day in our PJs and watching Netflix.

It was extra cozy because we had blow up mattresses everywhere because it was a full house! (Trev’s cousins were all there too!)

Sunday evening we went to visit Grandma and got dinner before heading home to watch a Christmas movie, drink hot cocoa and get packed up.

Visiting with Grandma!

Monday morning we said our goodbyes and headed North!

When we got there we took naps, rested, and played with Manly until my dad got home from work!

Monday night we prepped Christmas Eve desserts, ate Big Al’s and took a drive through Sparkle in the Park! (My favorite Christmas lights display!)

Tuesday we woke up and it was Christmas Eve! We snacked ALL DAY, worked on our Christmas puzzle and then got ourselves ready for Christmas with my mom’s family.

After taking our annual pictures, we headed to church.

Parking lot selfies!

After church we headed to my Grandma’s for a night of appetizers, White Elephant, laughs and whiskey slushies!

Grandpa and his girls!
My cousin Jayden got my gift! That entire box is filled with PENS! The previous owners of our house left it in the garage and we couldn’t believe it when we found them! Literally 40 pounds worth of pens! Perfect for him since he goes off to college in the Fall!

When we got home we got in our cute Christmas PJs from Trev’s mom and waited by the tree for Santa to come.

When we woke up, it was Christmas!!! We were spoiled rotten again with amazing gifts from our parents. (A few of our favorites? Our new vacuum cleaner from my parents and our Nest thermostat from Trev’s!)

We missed you so much this year, sweet boy. 😢

But of all the amazing and generous gifts we received, my absolute favorite was from my dad!

It’s not a secret that my dad and I love to collect rocks on the beach. My favorite thing to collect is beach glass. (It always has been, ever since I was a little girl!) He spent all summer collecting and polishing beach glass and then spent THREE MONTHS making this gorgeous piece of art for me! It’s of my favorite spot in my hometown, the North Pier Head!

I sobbed when I opened it and realized he made it for me. Such a special gift that I will cherish forever.

After presents we had Christmas breakfast before getting ourselves ready for the day! We took some more Christmas pictures, and then went for a walk on the beach. (It was weirdly warm out this year!!)

Then we headed to my Grandma Rosie’s!

Almost all the grandkids and Grandma! Just missing Luke.

When we got home we made hot cocoa and watched Love Actually!

Thursday we woke up early to head to Traverse City! We had breakfast at our favorite spot, Patisserie Amie!

After breakfast we did a little bit of shopping before heading back home. We spent the afternoon collecting rocks at the beach! We were blessed with another beautiful day!

Friday night we headed to TJ’s pub for dinner and spent the evening soaking in the Christmas tree.

Friday we woke up and I was sad. We had to leave to get back to Detroit because Trev had a game the following day. We made the most of our day, finishing our puzzle, taking beach rides, and visiting family.

We packed up the car (we barely fit!) and headed back home Friday evening. Saturday we woke up and got a call from Trev’s family. His grandma wasn’t doing well. She had declined rapidly since we saw her last. So we headed to Detroit for Trev’s game, and then straight to Blissfield to visit Grandma.

I don’t like to share not happy things on my blog… but I do want to always be real with you. We aren’t sure how much time we have left with Grandma Klump, so it was important to us that we got to spend a little bit of extra time with her. She isn’t really talking much, but she was happy to see us. We sat with her, held her hands, and just enjoyed being with her.

So if you can, please keep Trev’s family and his Grandma in your thoughts and prayers and send them all the love you can muster.

And because I don’t want to end this post on a sad note, here is a picture of Trev with his Christmas present that FINALLY arrived from China. HAHAHAHA

I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful holiday! And I also hope that unlike me, you’re still enjoying a nice break from real life for the holidays. (Seriously. I have to work tomorrow… ugh.)

Alright guys. You’ve got ONE more post from me coming at you this year! Look for my DECADE in Review this New Years Eve!

Until then, enjoy your last few days of 2019!


2 thoughts on “Massive Weekend Round Up (Christmas Edition!)

  1. Wow, that gift from your dad was so incredibly thoughtful AND beautiful! My dad is not creative at all BUT so incredibly thoughtful this year! I moved into my first apartment on my own last weekend and he bought these cute snowmen decor items which I am in love with because he is NOT one to buy things that are frivolous so it was so kind of him to see these items and pick them up for me because he knows I love snowmen and they go so well with my new apartment! 🙂


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