Deck The Halls! Our 2019 Christmas Home Tour

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmasssss everywhere you gooooo. Especially everywhere in my house. It’s no secret that Christmas is my favorite holiday. I used to pack every space I could in our tiny apartment with Christmas decor and it would magically turn from “ugly” to pretty, warm and cozy in my mind.

So this year, when I realized I got to decorate an ENTIRE HOUSE I honestly got so excited! I decided I wanted to add little touches of Christmas throughout our entire home. But in true Savannah fashion, I decided more was more and couldn’t help myself. I kind of, sort of, let Christmas explode on our main floor and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

My goal was to bring coziness and nostalgia to our home this Christmastime. Using a mix of old and new decor and special pieces passed down from family members, we’ve managed to create the coziest space this holiday season! So cozy that we don’t every want to take down our Christmas decor!

So today, I’m opening my doors to you! Come on in and check out our Christmas decor. If you were here in person, I’d give you a big hug, hand you some cocoa, and make you watch at least three Hallmark Christmas movies with me!

I hope my decor inspires you to create some Christmas magic in your own home! Or least to want to drink some hot cocoa 🙂

Let’s start off in our entryway! We’re still in the process of finishing this space (you can see what we’re working on here!) I loveeeeee this scroll sign that I made last year! Can you even believe that this DIY only cost me $1 to make?!!!! Find the DIY here! If you’re looking for a last minute project to spruce up your home, this one is it! It’s so simple and so beautiful! (I don’t love the bow I made last year, but it’s good enough for now! I’m planning to redo it next year.)

I think the thing I was most excited about was to put garland on our stairs for Christmas! I have literally hundreds of pins saved on Pinterest of garland on stairs and have always dreamed of the day I would have pretty stairs to decorate at for the holidays! I love love love love this garland so much! So much so that I carried it around the store, trying to convince myself I didn’t need it because it was still expensive (IMO) with the discount. I put it back, left, came home and was agonizing over how I didn’t buy it and already regretted it! There were only two left in the store and I was so upset with myself for not bringing one home with me. So Trev told me to go back and I did. Well, thankfully, they were up too high that I had set the one I was carrying around under the other garlands because I couldn’t reach it. So when I went back, the “hidden” one was still there! The other was gone, and I had never seen Hobby Lobby so busy! As I walked to the front of the store with my garland EIGHT people stopped me to ask where I found it. I’m so happy that I splurged and brought this beauty home for Christmas. It really made our staircase the staircase of my dreams! (Please ignore the unfinished wall and stairs… we’re working on ’em!)

I wish I could link this garland for you, but it is no where to be found! I got it at Hobby Lobby. The ribbon is from Joann’s! This one is pretty similar, but also pretty expensive! From what I hear, Hobby Lobby puts out a new garland like this every year if you want to wait for a little bit more affordable option!

We don’t have too much decor in our living room, mostly because it’s the space we use the most in our house. I’m a big believer in not over decorating our most used spaces because then we constantly have to move it! I threw on a few extra pillows and a cozy throw to bring in a few pops of Christmas color! I’m also displaying a my vintage Christmas tree!

Red Throw // Plaid Pillows are from Last Year (Can’t remember where I bought them!) // Lumbar Pillow // Similar Vintage Tree
How pretty is my little ceramic tree? My Aunt made this for my Mom years ago and it was always one of my favorite decorations we put out. My Mom told me I could have it someday when I had a home of my own. She had offered for me to take it to our apartment, but I had no where to display it. So this year, I was SO excited to bring it home and put it on our coffee table! It lights up, but I prefer it just like this 🙂

Next is my favorite view in our whole house!

Bell Garland (On Sale!) // Garland is from Joann’s and was only $8!
(I used two! Sold out online, but check your local stores!!) This one from Target is very similar and very pretty if you can find it in your stores!

The garland hanging around our entryway into our kitchen is SO FREAKIN’ PRETTY. I had imagined having it hang lower and hanging Christmas cards around it, originally. But when I was wandering in Kirklands and saw these bells, I changed my mind! I love how they bring a nostalgic, old time Christmas vibe to my decor without screaming FARMHOUSE or MOUNTAIN LODGE or WINTER WONDERLAND or any other Christmas-y theme. They’re just pretty, and so perfect for any decor style!

Have you seen our review on our couch yet?! It’s the best couch ever!

Next up is our dining room! I’ve switched out our wedding canvas with my favorite painting ever! It’s by a local artist from my home town. The first time I saw the painting I almost cried. It felt like home and I loved it more than anything. It was the one thing I asked for for my birthday! I love it so much and wish I could keep it out all year long! It’s a painting of a snowy River Street (our main downtown street) decorated for Christmas. I’ve also switched out our centerpiece for a pretty Christmas one! I need a new table runner but still haven’t found one I liked just yet… maybe next year!

Center Piece (On major sale!) // Art by Elaine Sutherland // Links for Table and Chandelier can be found here!

And now into our den! Which is arguably the most festive spot in our home! Anddddd because I can’t choose just one angle, I’m sharing entirely too many.

Plaid Blanket and Green Pillows are Home Goods finds // Sign (On Super Sale!) // Candle Sticks are from Target Dollar Spot and Meijer (I want a few more still!) // Green Candles // Stockings // Garland
Have you seen what our fireplace used to look like?! Quick here to see the dramatic change and how we gave our fireplace a face lift for under $150!
My signs are collected from Target Dollar spot both last year and this year! The “chalkboard” one in the back is from a craft show. Also, that green vase by the books is from The Dollar Tree! Can you even believe it? It came with a weird silver ribbon on it that I took off and it made the perfect end piece for my books!
My snow globe was my family’s growing up. I always loved it so much so my Mom let me have it for my shelves! // My manger was made by my Uncle when I was a baby. I’ve always put the same figurines with it, but I’m looking at some really cute Peg Doll ones on Etsy that aren’t breakable. (Lookin’ at you, Jacksy Cat.)
I picked up my sled from a barn sale a few years ago to put on my front porch someday! Our porch is tiny right now (it’s on our “re-do” list!) so it doesn’t quite fit. Until we make it a little larger, I like how it looks near my fireplace! // Wood Holder is from Meijer this past fall!
How cute is our little deer, Snowy?! I saw him at Kohl’s one day while I was walking through and instantly picked him up. He was SO CUTE that I diid that thing again where I carried him around the store. I kept trying to convince myself I didn’t need him, and when Trev was ready to leave I couldn’t bring myself to put him down. So I bought him, and I’m so happy I did! He’s going to sit out all winter long! Get your own Snowy here! (He’s way cuter than the photo on the website makes him look!!)
One more view of the fire place!
We LOVEEEE our stockings from Magnolia! We had previously purchased some from them in years past, but the prints on them clashed with our fireplace. So this year we chose the chunky knit stockings with pops of red and love them so much! Get yours here, quickly, before they sell out again! (These are amazing quality, btw.)
The other side of our den has our Christmas tree! I had to crop this picture weird because on the other side of the tree is a present that was too large to wrap for my in-laws and I didn’t want them to see it hahaha You can see more about how we decorate our tree here!
My Wooden Santa’s are from my Trev’s Mom’s collection that she passed down to us! I want to pick up more, but haven’t found any that I love yet! The one on the left was carved for me by my Grandpa years ago! I’m having a hard time finding some that m // The gnome and the snowman next to the books were both made for me by my Aunts! // The Gingerbread Castle and Gingerbread Santa were both handed down to me from my Mom! Again, some of my favorite Christmas items from when I was younger!

Anddddd in case you’re wondering what our house smells like this Christmas season…

Praline Pecan & Cream // Tree Farm // Marshmallow Fireside // Mahogany Balsam Wallflower (For some reason this is only available in a set right now online!)

I wish I could have you all over for real-skees. Maybe next year…

How have you decorated for Christmas?! Are you decorating in a certain style or theme? Or are you like me and just throwing memories anywhere and everywhere along with some glitter and faux greenery?!

I’ve loved decorating our home for Christmas so much! I’m really sad that it’ll be time to take down our decorations in a few weeks. Maybe I can convince Trev that we should keep them up until March…

Have the best rest of your Monday my loves! I’ve got a busy few days ahead of me, so fingers crossed I actually get my posts up for you!

I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow!


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