How We Decorate Our Christmas Tree + A Great Gift Idea!

Hi Friends! Happy Tuesday! I’m back today to talk about one of my favorite things on this planet… CHRISTMAS TREES!!!! To be honest, I’ve never seen a Christmas tree that I haven’t thought was perfect. Whether it’s been decorated to match a certain theme, color coordinated from the skirt to the star, or lit up like the night sky, all Christmas trees are unique and beautiful.

But today, I’m talking about my favorite kind of Christmas Trees! Trev and I aren’t really into decorative bows, certain colored ornaments and perfectly placed ribbons. We like our tree to reflect us and our memories.

Every year, decorating our Christmas tree becomes a walk down memory lane, where we laugh, cry and reminisce about some of the best times in our life thanks to our beautiful collection of ornaments!

So today, I thought I’d share our secret for our version of a perfect Christmas tree!

When we first started dating, we started collecting specific types of ornaments for our tree. We’ve made absolutely no exceptions, and I think that’s what gives our tree it’s charm. When you first see it, it looks very simple, but as you get closer, you see it tells a story. My favorite story in fact… ours.

Ready for our big secret? We only put four types of ornaments on our tree. That’s it. That’s our simple secret! When we look for ornaments we look for…

  • Heirloom Ornaments. These are ornaments that have been passed down from family members to us, or given to us by family members. For example, I have a few bulbs from the Christmas tree that we used to decorate at my parents house when I was young. (My mom changed the “theme” of her Christmas tree from store bought ornaments to only the ornaments I’ve made them or ornaments that were special or given to them throughout the years.)
  • Handmade Ornaments. These are the ornaments that people have made for us over the years. Mostly, just ornaments that I’ve made for Trevor when I’m feeling crafty! I also have ornaments that my Grandpa made for his kids which we passed down to me, and a set of beautifully hand made ornaments that my Great Grandma made and used to decorate her tree with. (She left these to me when she passed away and they are one of my most treasured gifts.)
  • Milestone Ornaments. These are the ornaments that define the big moments in our lives! We buy all our big milestone ornaments from Bronner’s in Frakenmuth. (More on that later!) From our first Christmas together to the year we engaged to our first home and everything in between, we’ve purchased a special ornament to commemorate our big moments!
  • Ornaments from our Travels. My favorite ornaments on our tree are the ornaments we collect on our travels together. Everywhere we go, we buy an ornament! Our tree is literally filled with our adventures together, and we LOVE to talk about each place and our favorite things we did there while we hang each ornament.

What else is on our tree? Just lights and a star! To give our tree a little more dimension we mix round bulb lights with fairy lights. But that’s it!

Here are just a few of our favorites!

A Texas ornament commemorate our trip to San Antonio.
Our Engagement Ornament.
Our First Christmas ornament!
Handmade by my Aunt!
From our trip to Chicago two summers ago.
We love this little covered train ornament from The Poconos!
From our trip to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole!
We picked this cute little ornament up in Nantucket this past summer!
One of my beautiful handmade ornaments passed down from my Great Grandma Jean to me!
Mackinac is one of our favorite places in Michigan!
We get one of these ornaments hand painted every year at Bronner’s!

So simple right? In fact, it’s so simple I kind of feel weird writing an entire post on it. Which is why I’m sharing a fun gift idea with you too!

Did you know that people really love to receive special ornaments at Christmastime? In fact, I know we can’t be the only family that only uses special ornaments on their tree!

We buy all our ornaments from our favorite Christmas store… Bronner’s! If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know we go to Frankenmuth Michigan, every year and Bronner’s is a big reason.

This is where we get our milestone ornaments, our yearly ornaments, or ornaments from places we’ve visited but weren’t able to get an ornament. And guess what?


So this Christmas, get your best friend an ornament to represent your beach trip last summer, or your new husband a “First Christmas” ornament. You can literally find an ornament for anything at Bronner’s! AND you can get them personalized for free.

And every ornament is so stunning, and will be the absolute perfect addition to any tree! So grab some cocoa and get shopping here! Good look picking just one or two… there are literally thousands to choose from!

How do you like to decorate your tree?!

Alright my loves, it’s been a long day! I’m off to snuggle in for the night. I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂


PS… This was my 700th post!! SAY WHAT?!

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