Life Lately

Why hello my loves! Happy, happy Monday! I’m so sorry I was a bit MIA last week… okay, really MIA last week. I was feeling very stressed and anxious all week and not really myself. I didn’t want that to come across in my writing… so I decided to take a few days away.

After a much needed restful weekend where I slept a lot, and did a lot of things I enjoyed (like shopping for Christmas decor!) I’m feeling much more like myself and ready to tackle this week both in life and in blogging!

So today, I decided to catch you up on what’s been going on in my life lately 🙂

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty typical days for us, however we both seemed to work extra long hours! The only exciting thing we did was try out some new Blue Apron recipes, which were really good!

Wednesday we woke up and it was Halloween! I woke up with Trev at 4 am to turn him into Post Malone!

Then Jacksy and I got ready for the big day too 🙂

I LOVEDDDDD my work costume SO much! I was Belle (one of my favorite Disney princesses) and loved every minute of it. Seriously… I sang Beauty and The Beast songs my whole way to work.

I changed after our Halloween party at work (we do our party in the morning!) though because snuggling babies dressed as Belle just isn’t realistic. HAHA How cute is this Halloween shirt? I picked it up at Meijer! (If you’re not from the Midwest you might not know what Meijer is. It’s like a better version of Walmart!)

After work we got to celebrate our first Halloween in our new house! For YEARS I’ve told Trevor that when we had a home, I wanted to hand out candy to trick or treaters and eat chili. I was SO excited that we got to start this new tradition this year! Although, I did miss our old tradition a bit… of Sonic Corn Dogs and Halloweentown! We made this chili and it was so yummy!

It was super cold and rainy here on Halloween so we had to sit in our garage. We were sad because we only got about 70 trick or treaters thanks to the icky weather.

After trick or treating we turned in for the night and this happened…

Y’all. I woke up READY FOR CHRISTMAS!!! How many of you hold on to Fall until after Thanksgiving? Or are you like me and start planning your holiday decor the day after Halloween?

Speaking of Christmas… I’m extra excited this year because it’s the first Christmas in our new home! I’m so excited that I have an actual ZILLION things I want to blog about this Christmas season. Usually, the entire month of December is dedicated to Christmas posts on my blog. But this year, you’re going to get a few Christmas themed posts sooner!

Friday I was bummin’ because Trev had a soccer game which meant no date night. I grabbed Culver’s on my way home and snuggled up with Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Blurry photo… but look at Jackson begging for my Burger and Cheese Curds. HAHA

Saturday we woke up early to grab breakfast at one of our favorite spots, Menka’s!

After breakfast I dropped Trev off at home and I went to go start looking at Christmas decor! I had planned to just take a peak and start thinking about what I might want to purchase. But there were SO many sales I ended up purchasing some new garlands for our home this year! I knew that I needed to pick them up now because they wouldn’t be there later.

Jackson and I were on our own again Saturday night. Trev had his final soccer games of the season, and it was too cold and rainy out for me to go watch. So Jacksy and I watched more Hallmark movies!

We spent Sunday doing our typical Sunday things, like cleaning, grocery shopping, meal prepping and working on projects around the house.

And that my friends, is what I’ve been up to lately! Nothing to exciting! Because I was in a weird mood, I didn’t get my blogs for the week pre-written like I like to. So no promises on a post tomorrow! However, you can bet I’ll be here for #WhatUpWednesday and a special post on Thursday!

Have a wonderful night my friends! I’m off to watch some DWTS!


4 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Savannah, is there anything better than Diner’s? Do you have a favorite Diner (is Menka’s your fav??) and do you have a favorite meal to get every time you go to a Diner?


    1. I’ve never met a diner I didn’t like 🙂 Menka’s is for sure one of my favorites! But nothing beats the diners in my home town. I feel like small town diners always have the best food! I usually like going to diners for breakfast, but if I’m there for lunch or dinner, you can bet I’m getting a cheeseburger!


      1. Savannah, I have to agree in that I don’t think ANYTHING beats a small town diner but I also don’t think I’d ever turn down a meal at Cracker Barrel … I LOVE their corn bread muffins and homestyle cooking! 😉


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