Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

Happy Monday my loves! The last week of Spooky Szn is upon and I for one, feel like I’ve done a terrible job celebrating. So, I hope you all spent Halloweekend LIVING IT UP… that way, I can live vicariously through you 🙂

We had a great weekend, but it felt like a whirlwind!

Our weekend started out late Friday evening. I closed at work, but stayed later than normal to set up a few things for this week. At 7:30, I finally got home for a perfect night in!

We spent our evening eating pizza, making caramel corn, and watching Hocus Pocus!

Saturday I woke up super early. Don’t you hate when you wake up at the time you would for work on the weekends? I’m always so disappointed in myself when I don’t sleep in! Haha

But, it was a good thing I was up early because we needed to pack up and head to Blissfield for the night.

It was Trev’s annual Klump Family Applebutter reunion! We spent the day making and canning applebutter with our family, and his extended family.

Love my Easton snuggles!

It POURED all day on Saturday. We got SO much rain it was crazy! By the time applebutter was done, we were cold and tired so we took a quick nap before heading to Trev’s brother’s house to help get ready for Emmy’s Birthday party and visit.

Sunday we woke up early and headed to the party! We can’t believe our sweet Emmy is turning two this Halloween! She is funny, spunky, and one of my favorite people on this planet. We loved getting to celebrate her!

Sunday evening was all about meal prepping, laundry, and getting ourselves ready for the week.

And today? Well… it was a Monday to say the least. I’m already counting down the days until Friday. HAHA

Alright friends, I’m off to watch DWTS! I loveeee Halloween night! (How amazing was that opening number, btw?!)

Have a great rest of your Monday everyone! I’ll be back tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

  1. Love, Love, Love your posts!!! Have gained so much information from them thru the years with trying new products and following in some of your footsteps with new destinations which is all Fun, Fun, Fun!! Your Interior Designing is amazing! Enjoyed watching your “home dreams” come to fruition!!
    You mention your Sunday “food prep” and would like to know more about it. So in need of some meal-time tips in my life!


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