#WhatUpWednesday (House Edition!)

Happy, happy Wednesday my friends! We are officially half way through the week, and you know what that means… it’s time for #WhatUpWednesday!

Since ALL of my posts this week have to do with “home” stuff, I figured I would make my #WhatUpWednesday all about our home renovation too! So let’s get started, shall we?!

What Stores I’m Spending My Money At 

Home renovating is SO not cheap. We scrimped and saved for 4 years to save up enough money to buy our first home. We saved up an amount that we were super proud of, and were able to put a good down payment down, and still had a good chunk left over to remodel our home! Which sounds like a lot of money… until you see just how much everything costs! This has been a serious exercise in needs/wants, prioritizing, and sales finding for us both. Luckily, the only things we’ve had to pay full price for were our paint, wood and our floor! Everything else, we’ve hit up the sales! Our favorite places to shop for furnishing and decorating our home have been Wayfair, Amazon, Home Depot, Home Goods, and of course, Target!

What Projects I’m Most Excited About

Now that our downstairs is looking so good, I’m really excited to start dreaming about our upstairs! Besides where we tore down the paneling, the only things we really need to do is paint, refinish our hardwoods and decorate! I’m excited to get the upstairs feeling like home too, but we aren’t in a rush. No one really sees our upstairs besides us and our parents! I’ve also been dreaming up what I would like the outside of our home to look like! Next year we’re planning to redo the landscaping and I’m thinking I’d like to bring a little bit of Nantucket to our yard. Can you say Hello Hydrangeas next Spring?!

What Projects I’m Dreading Most

Would you believe we still have an entire room full of boxes that need to be unpacked and an entire basement to organize?! We’re in a place where we kind of just want to ship all the boxes that we haven’t touched yet for donation (because if we’ve been living without it for 5 months, do we REALLY need it?!) BUT we know we can’t do that. So first up on our list of things to do once our main floor is completely done is to finish unpacking! 

What I’m Using For Inspiration

When it comes to our house, I’ve been drawing inspiration from my favorite Instagram accounts, and Homebody by the perfect and amazing Joanna Gaines! I didn’t focus on a “theme” for my home (like Modern Farmhouse or Boho) but rather I chose things I liked, mixing all sorts of different types of home design styles. This way, our home is uniquely ours, and will never got out of style!

What I’m Loving Decorating With

My favorite things I’ve been decorating our home with are different pieces that mean things to us. Whether it’s photos from our favorite places we’ve visited, trinkets we’ve collected over the years, or heirlooms passed down from our family, everything that we’ve added to our house has helped it to feel like home. My favorite thing right now are these amazing little salt and pepper shakers that belonged to my Great Grandma! My Grandpa passed them down to me, and I love them SO much!

What Else Is New

You can check out our latest House Update here to see what else is new in our home!!

Alright my loves, I’m off to shower before Survivor starts! I’ll be back tomorrow to share a review on our biggest purchase since we bought our home… our new furniture! Trust me… if you’re in the market for the BEST couch ever, I think you’re going to want to come back tomorrow 🙂

I’ll talk to you then!


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