House Update #2 + Our Finished and Ongoing Projects

Eeeeeeek! I’m SOOOOO excited about today’s post friends! I’m sharing another House Update with all of you and honestly, I’m so freakin’ proud of Trev and me.

As I sat back to start gathering photos for this post, I couldn’t believe my eyes. We’ve been working so hard day after day to turn this place into our home that I haven’t really noticed the changes. But stepping back and seeing what we’ve done over the past 5 months when I put a before photo next to an after is mind blowing. I can’t believe that the visions I had for our home the second we signed on the dotted line have become a reality, and that we call this gorgeous place home!

We are so dang lucky and blessed.

It’s taken a lot of elbow grease, tears and YouTube videos, but our main floor renovation is almost done! We still have a few little things to do, and we have to get the decor just how I want it, BUT the big things are done. And I’m so excited to share the changes with all of you!!

If you didn’t see our Empty-ish House Tour, click here to see what the rooms looked like when we began! And if you didn’t see our first House Update click here!

Now, let’s get started!!

The last time you saw our home, it looked a little something like this!

The wallpaper, mirrors, carpet and paneling were all gone! We had our new floors installed, our fresh paint on the walls, and had started moving in some of our things! It was looking more like us, but far from a “home”.

Since then, we’ve been working on the finishing touches. The things that aren’t quite as noticeable, but make the world of difference in the end. We’ve also been working on turning our house into our home, by adding in our belongings, new furniture and decor!

On my last House Update, I shared the projects we were hoping to have completed by September. And while we didn’t get them done by September, I’m proud to say we finished all but TWO of them before October!!!

  • Paint Touch Ups
  • Building Shelves into the existing Built Ins
  • Building 2 Floating Shelves for our Kitchen
  • Wrapping the Poles and Staining
  • Adding Transition Strips to the floor
  • Painting and Hanging all Moulding
  • Finishing the Pony Wall
  • And finally… DECORATING!!!

We did ALL the touch ups originally, but made messes as we added moulding, stained our newly wrapped poles, and moved in new furniture! We’ve also started decorating… but of course that’s not completely done yet! (Is it ever, though?) You’ll see quite a bit of our Fall decor today too. I’ll be sharing those links for you in a post next week though 🙂

We still have a few more things we need to do before our main floor renovation is complete!

  • Paint Touch Ups (To the walls and molding)
  • Finish Painting Bathroom and Basement doors and replace the hardware
  • Refinish Stair Wall (We just removed the purple paneling last weekend!)
  • Build Entry Way Table
  • Finish Molding Around the Doors
  • And of course… finish the decorating!

While we still have these things to do, our house really is starting to come together and we are so dang proud of it! So… how about some Progress Pics?!

In our last update, I linked products for you, so I’ll be copying/pasting those links again, and adding in new links too!

When we bought our home, our entryway looked like this!

In our first update, it looked like this!

We’ve added a runner rug that you can find here! Our light was also an Amazon find, that you can grab here! (The light bulb is this one that we picked up at Home Depot.) Our frames and pictures are the same ones that we had hanging in our apartment! You can find out more about them here.

And now, it looks like this!

Probably the least amount of change here! Oh, and TBH, I don’t like this runner. When it came, it wasn’t the color tones I was expecting it to be. Luckily, it was inexpensive, so I won’t feel bad replacing it in a few months! It’s good for now, but I’ve been on the lookout for something that fits the colors of our home a little bit better!

Next up is our living room! When we first bought it, it looked like this!

When you saw it last, we had made some serious progress but it still didn’t feel like home.

The only new piece of furniture we had was our new TV stand that we were completely obsessed with… and still are! Now, it looks like this!

We’re going to put another picture somewhere in this corner, and the small table is a practice one that Trev built! We’ll be building it a little bit bigger, staining it, and decorating it for our entryway!

I’m going to share an entire review on Thursday of our oversized couch and chair and a half… so come back then for the links 🙂 Our frames are these from Michaels! We bought them in the size 18×24 when they were on sale for buy one, get two free. I love them, but you can’t buy this size print just anywhere. I ended up being able to get three of our Nantucket/Martha’s Vineyard photos printed in the correct size from Vista Print. However, next time, I think I’d choose a more common poster size frame!

Our rug is this one from Rugs USA! I spent countless hours trying to decide on the right type of rug for us. I wanted a hand tied rug that looked like I traveled to a distant country or at least World Market to get it… however my budget didn’t allow either of those options. I found this one and knew it was the one I wanted. I got an AMAZING deal on it and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased a second one for our den.

Our curtain rod is this one from Amazon, and our curtains are from Ikea! (I’m the worst and can’t remember which ones they are, but if you look on Pinterest, they are the ones that everyone raves about!)

Our new table is from Marshall’s! We picked it up last weekend and LOVE it. It was really affordable and comes in two sizes. Ours is the bigger size.

And our clock is from Hobby Lobby!

Next is our dining room! This space was really hard to take a photo of because the light was shining directly into the window when I was trying to snap away!

When we bought our home, it looked like this!

Last time you saw it, it looked so much more like us… but like we just plopped a table down!

And now, we haven’t changed much, but it looks so much more finished!

Would you believe our new light is from the kid’s section at Target?! Isn’t it so perfect?! And it’s really, really affordable. I LOVE our dining room table. We got it at Macy’s! (It’s on a super sale right now! You can also choose to get it with a bench instead of two chairs.) The only bad thing was the wood matched our floor a little bit TOO perfectly, so I found this indoor/outdoor rug at Wayfair to help offset the colors. I really love how it looks! (This rug is on a closeout sale right now since the season is ending! I highly recommend picking it up ASAP because you won’t find a rug this big, this good of quality for this good of a price!)

Our wedding photo is a canvas from Shutterfly. (We LOVE this canvas so much and I’ve linked it many times! It’s great quality and I can’t recommend it enough.)

Next up is our Kitchen! When we bought our home, it looked like this.

Last time you saw it, it looked like this!

And now, it looks like this!!

Our mint poles are finally wrapped and we love how they look! I’ve also got my little mini shelves up to display some of my hand made cutting boards from my Grandpa and a few other trinkets. Trev took on both of these projects and did such an amazing job!

Our garbage can is this one from SimpleHuman. It’s stupid expensive for a trash can but it’s really, really nice and well worth the money. Our new microwave is this one from Best Buy. We love it! We haven’t owned a new microwave since we moved into our college dorms and this one feels so high tech! It’s quite pricey, but we needed it to have a fan since it’s over our range, and it needed to be slim because we don’t have a ton of space. If you’re in this predicament, I highly recommend this microwave!

Next up is our den! Personally, this feels like the biggest transformation to me! When we bought our home, it looked like this!

When you saw it on our house update, it looked like this!

And if you read our Fireplace Update, you saw it transform to this!

And now, our den looks like this!

Our chairs will be included in our Wayfair haul later this week! Our wood holder is from our local grocery store, Meijer, but you can find a similar one here! Our rug is the same as above, and our amazing light can be found here!

Both of the signs on our fireplace were DIYs from years past that you can find here and here. You’ll also see my DIY Dollar Store Stacked Pumpkin sign from last year over in the corner next to our giant pumpkin full of candy for our trick or treaters!

Our shelves are a work in progress, but they are good enough for now!

And last is our half bath! This space is SO HARD to take a photo of because it’s small and the lighting stinks! (We haven’t replaced the light yet!) When we bought the house, it looked like this.

When you last saw it, it looked like this.

It hasn’t really changed much since then!

We will eventually get a white toilet (it looks white in this photo, but it’s actually darkish cream color), and white blinds but these are good for now! We picked up this mirror from Kirklands, this vanity and this faucet from Home Depot (you can’t beat this price!!), this Amazon Basics toilet paper holder, this trash can and this rug! (It’s a little bigger than we expected but oh well, it’s too pretty to return!) We also picked up three frames in the same sale at Michael’s to hang on the wall with prints of our new favorite place… Nantucket! We found these three prints on Etsy!

Upstairs? Well that’s still one giant disaster! So much so I’m not even going to share photos. All we’ve done is tear off all the purple paneling and put a fresh coat of paint in our bedroom. It needs A LOT of love, but we’re not going to worry about the upstairs until winter rolls around.

This weekend, we’re going to keep picking away at our last few main floor projects! Here’s to hoping we can be officially done soon!

We’ve completed SO many projects, are there any in particular you’d like to know more about?!!! Leave it in the comments below!

Alright my loves. I’m off to watch some Dancing with the Stars and eat some dinner! (I didn’t get to watch last night because they were airing the Lions vs. Packers game instead 😕)

Have a fantastic evening! I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂


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