5 Things to look for in a “Fixer Upper” + 3 Red Flags You Should Look Out For!

Let’s be honest. Like really, really honest. We ALL have seen Chip and Jo take literal shacks…

and turn them into the most beautiful homes ever.

And we’ve all thought “Hey… I could do that!”

But I’m here to tell you, you can’t. Unless you don’t have a day job, you don’t have the physical time to do a complete home renovation like they do. And unless you have an actual army of family and friends with home renovation skills behind you, one set of hands and a few YouTube videos aren’t cutting it.

And while turning a shack into your dream home may not be a possibility, giving your home a facelift to look exactly like how you want it is. And it’s not that hard… especially if you find the right house!!

But how exactly do you find a home that is a “Fixer Upper” in the sense that you’ve just got to make it look pretty, and not a “Fixer Upper” in the sense that you have to change everything about it?

We went into every single house looking for these 5 signs that the home was our kind of Fixer Upper! (Literally all cosmetic updates. Nothing structural or that would need to be done by professions!)

5 Things You Want In A Fixer Upper

It has “good bones”. I’ve hear this on EVERY SINGLE HGTV RENO SHOW EVER and I never really understood the concept until I started looking for my own home. Basically, this means the basic structure of the home is solid. There isn’t anything wrong with it structurally. I also take this to mean that the home has potential that you can see!

It has a good layout. Yes, you can reconfigure the layout of your new home, but that takes professionals and money. If you find a home where you like the layout, you can do cosmetic updates on your own. This was a big deal for me… I knew we didn’t have the time or budget to turn an older home into a modern space with an open floor plan. So I found a home with a layout that suited us best!

It’s livable as is… even if it’s not your aesthetic. Your house may not be worthy of your Insta feed when you buy it, but that’s okay. As long as you can live there while you work! Seriously, while our downstairs looks like this…

Sneak Peak of tomorrow’s post!!!

our upstairs looks like this…

It takes a LONG time to get your Fixer Upper fixed how you want it… so unless you have somewhere else to call home during your renovations, make sure you can live their comfortably while you work!

It has bomb natural lighting. To me, lighting is one of the most important parts of a home. (And not just because I like to take blog photos!) Natural Lighting helps to make your house feel better. It’s hard to explain, but it’s the truth! My favorite thing in the world is snapping photos of different areas of my home while the sunshine is pouring in. It makes my house feel warm and happy. If your Fixer Upper has good natural lighting, you’ll save TONS of money in the future because you won’t be knocking holes in your wall to add windows!

The major things that eat up budgets are in tact and doing their jobs. There are three major red flags when looking for a Fixer Upper… and they all have to do with the big budget eaters! When these things aren’t working properly… you start from going to my kind of Fixer Upper to Chip and Jo’s kind! This brings me to…

The three Red Flags you should be on the lookout for when searching for your Fixer Upper!

  • Structural Issues. You can’t live in a home that is sinking into the ground, or falling over. Your inspectors will check this for you, but if it’s noticeable the first time you walk into a home, it’s probably best to keep looking!
  • Toxic Mold/Asbestos. Simply said, you don’t want your new home to make you sick.
  • Old Systems that may need immediate repair. Old water heaters, air conditioners, HVAC… these kinds of things can cost a lot of money to replace. If it’s not in your budget to replace immediately, you may want to pass on a house that needs them updated.

Again… these Red Flags are all things that can be taken care of by professionals. You just have to be willing to spend the money to get them taken care of the correct way!

So, would you take on a Fixer Upper? We found out that cosmetic changes are enough for us. We’re def not cut out to be the next Chip and Joanna Gaines. HAHA

Alright my loves… I’m off to start out my week! Fingers crossed it’s a good one that goes by fast. I’m already ready for the weekend 🙂

Have a fantastic Monday! I’ll be back TOMORROW with a House Update! Eeeeeek! I can’t wait to share it with you!


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