Weekend Round Up

Oh Sunday. My most favorite and least favorite day of the week all wrapped up into one. I love it because Sundays are made for being snuggly and lazy, but hate it because it’s the last day of the weekend.

This Sunday was a little bit lazy, but a lot bit productive. And the rest of our weekend? It was a whole lot of fun!

Our weekend started out early on Friday! For the first time in MONTHS I actually got out of work early! So early that I even beat Trevor home. (That honestly hasn’t happened in two years.) We celebrated the end of the week by going to one of our favorite restaurants, Ashley’s for dinner!

After dinner, we stopped by Walmart because I needed a new Real Techinques sponge. While wandering around the aisles, I came across a sleep shirt that I couldn’t leave without! This is without a doubt the COZIEST sweater ever! It feels like my favorite blanket except that I get to wear it. And it was only $12!!!! (I couldn’t find a link for it, but if you go to Walmart, it’s by the robes!)

Saturday morning we were up early because we were headed to Frankenmuth for the day! Going to Frankenmuth is our favorite Fall tradition! We met my parents at the outlets in Birch Run, hopped in their car and drove into Frankenmuth together. Our first stop? Bronner’s!

After grabbing some new Christmas goodies, we headed to lunch at Frankenmuth Brewing Company!

After lunch we spent the afternoon wandering around the shops in Frankenmuth and eating LOTS of sweet treats.

When we were finished shopping in Frankenmuth, we headed back to The Outlets in Birch Run! We did some more shopping (I was hopping to find the perfect area rug for our living room but no luck!) before heading to dinner and saying goodbye to my Mom and Dad.

We were super tired when we got home from our day out and about so we quickly went grocery shopping and then called it a night and headed to bed early! #OldPeople

This morning, we were super lazy! We laid on our giant couch and giant chair while we drank coffee and watched some Friends! While we were being lazy, I did some rug shopping online! I think I found the most perfect rug! I ordered it and it will be here later this week. Fingers crossed it’s going to look just like I hope.

We spent the rest of our day working around our house! I cleaned and got our front porch decorated for Fall while Trev worked on hanging moulding.

Here’s a not great photo of our porch! We’ve got a ton of dying shrubs around our front door, and are planning on taking them out next Spring! We’re also going to get a new slab of concrete on our porch because the current one is really tiny and crooked! So I did the best with I had had for this year 🙂

Also, how pretty is my wreath?! Remember this DIY wreath I shared last year?! I gave it a bit of a face lift with some pumpkin picks from Hobby Lobby and some leftover fall florals from Michaels!

Love our nice clean den! All we’re missing in this space is an area rug and an ottoman!

Once our house was clean, the laundry was done and dinner was in the crock pot, I headed outside to start painting our doors!

Now, we’re going to have some dinner and I’m thinking I’m going to make an apple pie! Because the best way to end your Sunday is with pie… right?!

Alright my loves! I’m back tomorrow with a post I don’t think you’re going to want to miss! Have the best rest of your Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Eek … painting all of the doors! How many layers of paint are you having to apply to fully cover the doors?!? I think when you’re done with all of the renovations you should give some recaps on some of the successes and mishaps with home renovations. Also, have you found any updates that you just “have” to get hired out??


    1. We ended up using 2ish coats of paint and one coat coat of a protective top! So far, the only renovations we’ve had hired out has been anything to do with electrical work! I will definitely do some recaps… that’s such a great idea!

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