Fall Bucket List 2019

Ugh. Guys I am FEELING this Monday so hard. Can we just rewind back to Saturday?! Saturday was a good day. I’ll take a repeat of that, please and thank you.

Want to know what else I’m feeling? The freakin’ heat. Michigan weather is known for being crazy but today it was especially weird! I woke up to rain and 50 degrees but by 3:00 this afternoon, it felt like August, not the end of September. I’m beyond ready for crisp air, crunchy leaves and apple cider. All the apple cider. (Because Pumpkin Spice sucks.)  So, in the spirit of all things Fall, it’s time to bring you my annual Fall Bucket List!

Now, if you ask me, there is no better place in this world to celebrate this amazing season than the Mitten State. It’s the perfect place to pick apples, enjoy the crisp air, see leaves changing colors, and watch some serious football. The last few years, I’ve brought you my Michigan Fall Bucket List, but this year, I decided to make it a list for everyone… not just us Michiganders.

I find that I make the most of every season when I have a Bucket List to cross off. So without further ado, here are my favorite things to do in the Fall!

2019 Fall Bucket List

Take a Weekend Getaway. There is something extra special about getting away from reality every Fall. The world seems so much prettier, so much more serene, and so much more inviting. (I mean, can you name a single person that would say NO to exploring a pretty place that’s a thousand times prettier when the leaves are changing colors?! I sure don’t.) So pack your bags and head somewhere new to explore all things Fall. Think hiking by day, and cozying up by the fireplace at night. This is the first year in a really long time we aren’t going someone for a weekend getaway, which I’m super bummed about. So I’ve been clicking through posts from a few of our favorite places we’ve visited in the fall! (Click here to take a peak at The Poconos, The Hocking Hills, Northern Michigan.)

Big Pocono State Park

Enjoy a Fall Color Tour. Fall didn’t officially happen if you didn’t take a color tour. ‘Nuff said.

Side Street in Traverse City, MI

Visit an Apple Orchard/ Cider Mill. Is it really fall if you don’t go apple picking? Or if not apple picking, at least buy a Bushel and a Peck and an Apple Cider slush! There are literally HUNDREDS of orchards in Michigan that I can choose from. But the very best ones are ones with Cider Mills attached! Why? Because then I can…

Kapnick Orchards, Britton MI

Drink Cider and Eat Donuts. There is nothing on this planet that tastes more like Fall than Cider and Donuts. (Don’t @ me, pumpkin spice lovers. I won’t listen.) My favorite places are the ones that serve cider slushies and hot donuts.

Make Carmel Apples. Guys… this one is making the list purely for me. I used to make Carmel Apples all the time when I was little with my parents and I completely forgot about it until I was reading a Fall Bucket List I saw on an Instagram Story. I used to LOVE whenever we made Carmel Apples, so I’m starting a Carmel Applemaking tradition in our house this year. (Hope you’re ready to get sticky, Trev!)

Take a Hike. Fall is my favorite time of year to get out and take a hike! (Did you know National Take a Hike Day is November 17th?!) It’s the absolute best to hike in the fall because it’s never too hot, and Mother Nature makes sure the scenery is lookin’ it’s best with sprinkles of Fall Foliage everywhere. Plus, trails are a lot less crowded when October rolls around!

Top of the Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey

Drink all the Fall Drinks. Everyone knows Michigan is the place to go for wine tours and craft beer. Our local Northern Michigan wineries are the perfect place to stop and stretch your legs while out on a Color Tour. I mean, what’s fall without a glass of wine in your hand to Cheers to the changing seasons? And if you don’t like wine (me!)… don’t you worry. Michigan’s craft beer scene is pretty much perfect. We celebrate craft beer with festivals all Autumn, and let’s be honest. There is no cozier place to snuggle in for a long afternoon of drinking and good food than our super cute pubs. Not in Michigan? I bet your local craft breweries have an autumn beer that you will love. And if not… you can always head to Starbucks, right? They might not have alcohol, but they are the Queen of Fall flavored drinks to warm your soul. And don’t forget to check out locally run coffee shops because sometimes, you might find a Fall flavored drink that’s even better than the ones at Starbucks!

Downtown Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Make a Family Recipe. Fall is my favorite time to step into the kitchen and bake something yummy! My favorite family recipes are all the ones that I pull out when the weather starts to get colder. From pies to muffins, soups to chili and everything in between, if it seems like a food that will warm you from the inside out, you know I’m going to make it!

My Dad’s Chili Con Carne! I’ll be making this Halloween night. We’re going to try revamping the recipe to cook in the crock pot! I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂

Head to the Pumpkin Patch. Duh. It’s Fall. Plus, you can’t celebrate Halloween without a pumpkin! There are so many fun pumpkin patches around our state. So pick a day and head out to the country. The fresh air is good for you, and the pumpkins will be straight off the vine!

Carve Pumpkins. Guys… we haven’t carved pumpkins in like three years, and I’m super sad about that. So I’m making pumpkin carving a priority this year!

Gust Brothers Pumpkin Farm, Ottawa Lake MI

Make Caramel Corn (and eat it while watching a Halloween Movie). My grandma always makes these caramel corn puffs that are TO DIE FOR and this year, I’ve decided to attempt to make them on my own. (This may be super ambitious… not sure how it will go. HAHA) And with ABC Family Freeform doing 31 Nights of Halloween this year instead of 13, I’ll have ample time to sit around and eat it while I enjoy my favorite Halloween movies!

Enjoy a Fall Festival. Get your Star’s Hallow on and celebrate the Harvest with a fun fall festival near your hometown. I’ve already got a few on my list, and I’m so excited for all of them!

Appleumpkin Festival, Tecumseh MI

Have a Bonfire. My family and I are HUGE believers in sitting around the fire on fall evenings, and you should be too. PS… S’mores taste better in September.

Eat a Fall Picnic. Y’all know I live for picnics. But picnics on sunny Fall days are the BEST kind of picnics!

Celebrate! Fall brings TWO fantastic holidays… Talk like a Pirate Day and CD Player day. Wait… you mean those aren’t your favorite fall holidays? HAHA JK MINE EITHER. You know I’m talking about Halloween and Thanksgiving! Ugh… just typing this has me longing for my Grandpa’s homemade stuffing. (Get the recipe for the best stuffing ever here! It doesn’t have any of the icky stuff in it.)

What? This isn’t how you stare at your Thanksgiving Turkey too?! 😂

So my friends, what is on your Fall Bucket List?!

I’m off to snuggle up with Trev and ask 10 zillion questions about everything he learned at his conference this past weekend in Cali. I’m so glad he’s home. I missed him like crazy!

No new post tomorrow! It’s Staff Appreciation Night at one of Trev’s soccer team’s games. I’m going to go watch Trev get showered in the appreciation he deserves!

I’ll be back on Wednesday!


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