How To Keep Your Pumpkins Pretty All Season Long!

Hi Friends! I’m back today with a super quick post that I know is going to come in handy all season long!

If you’re anything like me (aka Basic AF), you’ve been ready to buy pumpkins, pull out your cozy sweaters, and live your best life since August. (Cuz Fall is a state of mind. FYI.)

I wasn’t planning on buying any pumpkins until October, when the weather in Michigan chills out. Literally. But, while watching Instagram stories last weekend, I saw TWO of my favorite influencers share that they picked up their pumpkins and started decorating their porches. Both live in the same climate I do… so I was pretty shocked. And apparently so was everyone else, because later that night they both shared this tip that I had ZERO idea existed.

You ready to be mind blown???

The secret to keeping your pumpkins from rotting and looking pretty all season long is….


I’m not even kidding! So I grabbed a scrubby and some Dawn and got to work! Have you tried this trick before ? Does it actually keep them from rotting?! Let me know in the comment below!

So, take this piece of knowledge with you to the pumpkin patch this weekend. That way, you don’t have to restrain yourself from buying all the pumpkins 🙂

Alright my loves. I’m signing off for the night. I’m SO ready for it to be the weekend! I’ll be back on Sunday!


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