The Best of Summer 2019

Guys. It seems so impossible to me that I’m sitting down today to write my final recap of Summer 2019! Like how in the heck did it go by so fast? I feel like I blinked and summer was completely gone. I’ve been so busy adjusting to my new job and with our new house that I don’t think I really got a chance to enjoy summer like I normally do.

So while our summer wasn’t as perfect as past summers have been for us, this summer was once of growth and new beginnings!


June was a month of changes for us.

It began with me getting a big promotion at work… and us getting the keys to our new home!

We spent June removing wallpaper,

pulling up carpet,

and painting.

We celebrated Trev’s 31st brithday.

And our 3rd anniversary.

We packed up our apartment and said goodbye to the place we called home for the past four years. (And I was a mess!)

And, we spent the first night in our new home!

Before we knew it, July had arrived!


We started July our favorite way… Up North celebrating the Fourth!

We watched parades and went to carnivals,

walked the pier more times than we could count

and enjoyed multiple sunsets.

We shopped the book sale,

and ate at our favorite places.

And we enjoyed time with our family!

We worked on more home renovations.

And we went to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard!

(Where I spent the entire vacation sick and had to go to the hospital.)

We saw Tom Brady at Gillette Stadium.

And when we made it home, spent the last few days of the month relaxing and recooperating.

Just like that, it was August and we were determined to try to have some summer fun!


We took family photos.

We ate a lot of ice cream.

And saw a Ted Nugent concert. (What a crazy experience haha)

We did a lot more renovations.

And shared our first House Update!

This seems like so long ago! Our home is becoming more like “ours” every day, and we can’t wait to show you the updates we’ve made since we last shared!

We finished a huge project. (Our fireplace makeover!)

It’s so crazy because this was such a huge transformation and now that we have started furnishing the den and making it ours it looks even better than in this photo!

And cheered on Trev’s teams in their first games of the season.

And before we knew it, Labor Day weekend arrived and we celebrated the last weekend of summer.

We spent our weekend relaxing with my parents.

Walking on the beach.

Eating yummy food.

And watching sunsets.

Our summer definitely didn’t go like we had pictured, and it was crazy stressful. However, we made the best of it, we still had fun, and we had each other to hold on to through the crazy whirlwind that was Summer 2019!

I’m officially ready to leave summer behind for the coziest season of all!

What are your favorite memories from Fall 2018?? Want to read up on everything I just mentioned and more? Click the links below and start scrolling!

June 2019

July 2019

August 2019

I hope you have the best night. I’ll be back tomorrow!


One thought on “The Best of Summer 2019

  1. What a jam packed weekend, Savannah! Sounds like you need a relaxing fall before the craziness that is the Holidays kicks off. Question of the day … what is the new role at work? I don’t think you ever told us much about the job change.


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