Weekend Round Up (4th of July Edition!)

Hey there my beautiful blog family! I’ve missed you! It feels like FOREVER since I last sat down to write (really it’s only be a couple days!) and I’m happy to be back.

I hope you all had super nice bosses that let you have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off, and you’re all feeling refreshed, well rested, stupidly happy and slightly sunburnt. (All the signs of a perfect 4th of July weekend!)

I know that this morning,I am! However, I’m also absolutely DRAGGING. Getting back into the swing of real life, after such a perfect weekend away is always SO hard for me!

It feels especially hard this year because my little vacation was so needed. I didn’t realized how completely stressed out and exhausted (both mentally and physically) I was until we pulled into my parents driveway on Wednesday night and I instantly felt like 20 pounds was lifted off my shoulders. Sometimes, it’s so important to get away and take some time to rest, relax and refresh and for me, this Fourth of July weekend was exactly that!

If you know anything about me, you know that I love Fourth of July. It’s my second favorite holiday. I mean… any holiday that calls for parades, fireworks, bbqs, beach days and beer has my name written all over it! Plus, there is just something extra great about celebrating America because let’s be real… we’re pretty dang lucky to live in the Land of the Free.

Last year, I wasn’t lucky enough to be Up North for The Fourth, so this year, I soaked in every possible second of my town’s little Fourth of July celebrations and I appreciated every little thing so much more. We had such a fun weekend, and I have hundreds of pictures to prove it.

So grab a coffee and get your scrolling finger ready… this post is about to be along one!

Our weekend began on Wednesday as soon as I got out of work. Trev and Jacksy Cat picked me up and we headed Up North! We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves because we skipped out on all the big traffic jams by taking back-ish roads to get out of the city, and then dirt roads once we got closer to home. We made such good time, that we were able to catch the sunset!

He insisted on standing like this. HAHA

Thursday we woke up and it was the Fourth of July! We dressed ourselves in Red, White and Blue and headed down to the parade. Trev’s parents met us there because they came up for the weekend too! It was SO FREAKIN’ HOT at the parade!

How cute is my romper? I picked it up from the Vineyard Vines for Target collection. My shoes and sunglasses are from Target too!
I know you’re all dying to know where Trev’s hat is from… HAHA It’s his Columbia fishing hat.
Trying to catch some candy!

When the parade was over we headed to North Chanel Brewing for some lunch and a nice, cool, drink. I had the yummiest cider! I don’t usually like ciders, but it was there special for the Fourth of July and it was so yummy!

We left with our growler filled, a new sticker and cup and another Tagabrew! If you live in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee or Wisconsin and like craft beers, click here. It’s super fun to collect them from our favorite breweries!

After lunch we headed out on the boat for a cruise out to Lake Michigan! It was the perfect way to cool down on the hottest day of the summer so far in Manistee.

Then we headed home to take a nap before the fireworks!

Thursday night, we headed to my mom’s best friend’s condo on Lake Michigan for the fireworks show! We had so much fun visiting with her and her family, eating snacks and of course, watching the sunset and the fireworks!

Barefoot and an Oberon in hand… typical.

On Friday we slept in and it felt SO NICE to not be at work! We had coffee on and breakfast out on the deck and enjoyed the beautiful morning.

We both slept SO GOOD while we were in Manistee. We have lost the feeling of “home” in our move, because our house isn’t quite put together and not feeling like home yet. And for both of us, it’s been hard to sleep very good. The second our heads hit the pillow in my childhood home though, we slept like babies.

After breakfast we picked up Trev’s parents from their cute rental house and headed out to do some classic Forest Festival activities! We hit up the Book Sale, Craft Show, Carnival and Flee Market!

I look forward to the Book Sale that our Library puts on every year! They sell literally every kind of book you can imagine. Trev always looks for new books to read, but me? I look for books to decorate with! They have a section of old antique books for $1 each! So I grab as many as I can in my color schemes I’m looking for because I’m telling you… you can’t find decorative books for cheaper.
Trev with his finds!
I also look forward to walking through the Arts and Craft show every year and picking up the best kettle corn and lemonade!
Grab Trev’s shirt here and mine here. (Both are staples in our wardrobes this summer!)
Feeding the animals is always my favorite!

After we finished up enjoying the festival we grabbed some lunch and headed home to relax a bit. I used my time to lay out in the sunshine! Then we headed to my Grandma’s for a cookout!

Have you ever cooked frozen pretzels on the fire? SO YUMMY

After the BBQ we headed down to the beach to catch the sunset.

Saturday we woke up to a gloomy day. We had planned to head to the beach… but it started to rain. So instead, we did some shopping around town and grabbed lunch at our favorite place, TJs Pub!

OH. And my car, which just got out of the shop and had $1500 worth of work done LAST WEEK decided to have the drivers side window not working. So these three guys spent some time trying to get it fixed for me! (We couldn’t get the part they needed anywhere, so we ordered it and Trev’s dad is fixing it for me tomorrow!)

Saturday night we grabbed dinner and headed down to the beach to catch one final sunset! (And to get my elephant ear!) I pinky promise… these pictures aren’t photoshopped. HAHA My mom got a new camera and it takes BOMB photos.

Sunday we woke up and I REFUSED to believe it was time to come back to reality. So we hit the beach for a quick swim and a pier walk to make leaving a little bit easier.

Then we said goodbye to Trev’s parents, packed up the car and headed to grab one last lunch at Big Al’s before we hit the road.

Tried to convince Manly to come with us. He wasn’t having it. HAHA
Fake smiles all the way back to Detroit.
None of us were happy to be leaving.

And now, it’s Monday morning and we’re back to our daily routines. Well… sort of. Our house is still in shambles and it’s super hard to do anything like I normally would! Thank god my parents are coming back down in a few days to help us finish up painting, putting in the floor, and putting things this away!

Alright my loves. I’m off to start this week. Fingers crossed it’s a good one! I hope you all had amazing weekends, and your week is off to a good start too!

I’ll be back tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up (4th of July Edition!)

  1. I am SO OBSESSED with your weekend round ups. I literally love them haha! Sounds like the most amazing weekend (well, almost week!) back home with your family, and so nice Trev’s family could visit too! You look amazing in every photo, just how do you do it?! Also, what camera did your mum get?! The photos are incredible quality! Hope you’re having a great Monday 🙂

    – Gillian x


    1. Oh my gosh, you’re so sweet 😭 Thank you so much! My Mom just got a Nikon D5600! She shot most of those photos with a Nikon 50mm lens. I can’t get over how crystal clear all the photos she’s been snapping with it are! Hope you had the best weekend!


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