Life Lately

HELLO MY LOVES! I have missed you SO much this past week! I figured I’d catch you up with a little Life Lately post today since I was gone for more than just a weekend 🙂

This past week has been so crazy. I’ve been on this wild emotional roller coaster, I’ve been super busy and everything seemed to be falling apart but also falling into place at the same time.

Honestly… this has been me this past week. HAHA

In case you don’t know, we spent the last week packing up our apartment and moving into our new house! I know. I should be ECASTTIC to be out of our “ugly apartment” that I always hated. But y’all. I was DEVESTATED when it came time to close the door for the last time on Saturday. Seriously. I bawled my eyes out.

While our apartment may have been ugly, kind of gross, and really, really small, it was still our home. We’ve made so many memories there and grew so much together over the past four years that saying goodbye was beyond hard. Not because I’m not excited for our new adventures, and to make our new house our home, but because I know nothing will ever be the same as it was before. And even though we didn’t have a whole lot, we were really, really happy. I just hope that we can fill our new home with as much love and happy memories as we did our old one.

Speaking of our new home… it is an absolute disaster. HAHA We had HUGE plans when we first got the keys. We wanted the entire main floor to be stripped of wallpaper and paneling, painted, and have our new floors put in. However, everything was a lot harder than we thought… and took twice as long as we had planned.

We’re moved in… but our house still looks like this….

Literally every inch of every room! Paint isn’t done, floor isn’t done, stuff isn’t put away.


We’ve been trying to put things away in our kitchen and our bathroom so we can have some sort of normalcy to our daily routine! We leave on Wednesday night to head North for the Fourth so we really won’t get much done for awhile. I have a feeling we’ll be living out of boxes for the new few weeks. Good thing messes don’t bother me much!

And as if all these changes weren’t enough, I’ve been SO SICK these past few days. Thank god that my parents are absolute angels, used vacation time from work, and drove down here last Wednesday to help us get stuff done. I was pretty much worthless all weekend and we would have been even further behind without their help!

Add my sickness and the stresses of work and moving and you’ve got a giant bundle of anxiousness also known as Savannah 🙂

And since all we’ve done this week is work on the house and start packing and moving, I don’t have a whole lot of pictures. I’ll share the few that I do have below!

I was so happy to see this little pumpkin when I got out of work on Wednesday!
We made our own iron throne. LOL
Manly was pumped for his sleepover!
Friday night dinner with these angels!
My mom convinced me that I would feel better if I had a strawberry shake. She was right. Even though I couldn’t taste it.
Saying goodbye to Apartment #5 was the worst.
First night in the new house! Our box spring wouldn’t fit up the stairs so we had to order a split one. We HATED sleeping like this so this week we’re sleeping on an air mattress in the living room. It’s like we’re camping. HAHA
First night in the new house selfie.
Jackson, like me, is not a fan of change. He jumped into a duct and spent 12 hours staring at us while we tried to get him out.
Started on our new floor!
Sunday afternoon I was feeling so much better so my parents helped me blow up my pool!
It’s amazing what a little relaxing in the sunshine can do for the soul!

Other than that, I don’t have much new to share! Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a Fourth of July post, then I’m taking the rest of the week to celebrate America’s Birthday at the beach!

I hope you all had the most wonderful week while I was away! I’m snuggling in for The Bachelorette. I’ll be back tomorrow.


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