Hey hey, What’s Up my loves?! I missed you yesterday, but I’m happy to be back today to share everything that I’m loving in my life!

What I’m Up To

Ugh. You guys… I’m the WORST. I really wanted to get my post up yesterday. But as per usual, I wasn’t prepared and didn’t have it just right yet. And then we had a bit of a situation over at our house which caused me to get home late and not get it finished in time. So, it will go up tomorrow (fingers crossed) for you to enjoy! It’s a Travel Post and I think you’ll love it 🙂

What I’m LOLing About

Last night! At the time… so not funny. But now, can’t stop laughing. Last night we went to work at the house and after a long day we finally started packing up. I grabbed all our things and wandered out to the car. Then Trev came out, slammed the door shut and reached in his pocket for his keys. We pretty quickly realized that the keys to both the house and the car were on the counter, locked safely inside the house. We tried EVERYTHING we could to get inside. But it turns out neither of us are experienced in breaking into places and couldn’t get in. So… WE HAD TO UBER TO OUR APARTMENT. When we got here, we had no keys to get inside, but noticed our sliding door was slightly open. Only problem? We live on the second floor of our building. I basically had to turn into a super hero, be hoisted onto our balcony, hang there until Trev could reposition himself to help throw my leg over so I could straddle it, the tuck and roll. I honestly wish someone would have been taping. I’m sure it was really graceful.

What I’m Craving

A sandwich from The Cheese Shanty! (Click here if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

What I’m Watching

The new TSwift video! The song is just okay (not my favorite, but still good) but I’m obsessed with the video! I mean, any video that has JVN, Ryan Reynolds AND Ellen in it is my kind of video. Plus, I just really love the message. #loveislove

What I’m Excited About

This weekend! We’re painting our house! Well… as long as we get all the drywall done we need too! I’ve been waiting for this day since the second we bought it. Eeek!

What Else Is New

Not a whole lot! We’re just packing a lot. Working a lot. And sleeping… a lot. HAHA

Alright my friends. Sorry for the quick post, but your girl has a long day tomorrow!

Have a wonderful evening everyone! We’re officially half way through the week!


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