Empty-ish House Tour!

Hi Friends! Happy, happy Thursday! I’m super excited because today, I’m finally sharing our first post about our new home with all of you! I debated on what my first post after our announcement should be. There are SO many things I want to share with you, like what we learned about the home buying process and how we navigated it. However, it felt like I couldn’t really share it without letting showing you our home, and telling you a little bit about how we decided this was the right home for us. So today, I’m sharing an Empty House Tour with all of you!

Get ready to see a lot of wallpaper, mirrors and eye catching carpet 🙂

When we first began the home buying process, we were like those couples on the original episodes of Property Brothers. We had our wish list and we certain we’d find something “move in ready” in our budget. And then you know how Drew and Jonathon show them the perfect house and they find out it’s like triple their budget? Yeah. That was us.

While we thought what we were looking for was reasonable (and it actually was tbh) we realized really quickly, it was what everyone else was looking for too.

We also realized pretty quickly that while we walking through the homes that were completely redone and shiny, we liked them, but they didn’t feel like home. They were “perfect” but they weren’t really perfect for us.

After seeing what was a really great house that just didn’t have the “it” factor, it hit us that we wanted to buy a home with good bones that we could make perfect for us. We wanted to put in a little elbow grease and truly make our home, “ours”.

When we pulled up to our future home for the first time, we realized that we really liked the neighborhood. When we walked in? It was SO HARD to get past all the interesting decor choices. But walking around, I started saying “Trev we could do this.” and “Babe! Imagine if we did this.” And we knew instantly. This was the house for us.

So we put in an offer… and they accepted! A month later, we had our keys in hand and were ready to start our new adventure!

Before we begin our tour, remember. There are very few things that are going to stay the same in our home! I’ll do an entire post later on all the things we are planning to do to renovate. But for now, we are focusing on the main floor, and making it look just how we want it (fingers crossed) before we move in!

Also, I realized I did a TERRIBLE job taking before photos! We got way too excited and Trev started knocking stuff down within three minutes of us walking into the house the first time. SO, I’m sharing the photos I saved from the website when we first bought the house too 🙂

Alright ladies and gents! We’re ready to depart. Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times and in just a few moments, you’ll begin your trip through our new home! (I’m funny, right? HAHA)

Welcome to our new home! When you first walk in you’ll find a small entry way that includes every shade of purple you can imagine, gorgeous brown carpet and a really stylish pony wall.

Take a left (or a step back in time) and you’re entering our living room! This wallpaper was used as a background in the credits for Saved By The Bell. (I’m like 99% certain this is a fact.)

Continue straight and you’ll find yourselves in the land of wallpaper and the late 80s. To our surprise, our kitchen was outfitted with BRAND NEW appliances that are literally so nice! It also has updated granite counter tops. (A big selling point for us!)

From the kitchen is a view of the 1980s our den. The green carpet pairs excellently with the mirrors and pink walls. We will change nothing in this room.

Off the back of our kitchen you’ll find a little half bath and the door way to the basement.

TBH, we plan to do NOTHING to the basement for a long time. It was remodeled recently with a cute little bar and has space for a tv room/play room and a poker table! It also has a storage room/laundry room.

Now, let’s follow the purple paneling and brown carpet all the way upstairs! At the top of our stairs is our main bathroom. It’s been completely redone and we won’t make any changes to it, even though it’s not really our “color scheme” it’s still really nice! (It even came with a TV. My baths just got 10,000 times better!)

Down the hallway you’ll find two bedrooms and a really large master! All have very interesting closet doors, and lovely carpeting. The good news? We’ve got hardwoods underneath! Our master all comes with the lowest ceiling fan EVER and I’m v. Worried about chopping out heads off when we walk under it. HAHA (This will be one of the first lights we replace!)

And our backyard? Well, let’s just say it’s an absolute escape from the city.. You’d never know that we lived in the middle of a bustling city in a neighborhood with small lots while you sat in our yard. We basically have our own secret garden (complete with a koi pond)! It’s super relaxing. We’ll be doing some landscaping to half of it (we want a little bit more grass so when we have kids they have a place to play) but other than that, it’s pretty much perfect.

And that’s it!

We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks making our visions for our home become a reality. It’s already looking so different! Here’s a little progress update of our main floor for all of you!

I’m well aware these aren’t blog quality photos… they were just quick snaps I took on my phone while we were working. But I’m too excited to share all we’ve accomplished so far to wait and take better pictures this weekend!

Our entryway has no more purple paneling! The walls have been primed, spot treated, and are ready to be skim coated. The pony wall has also been taken apart and is ready for us to re-drywall.

In the living room, the wallpaper is gone! We haven’t ripped out the carpet yet because we’re going to be painting before we put in a new floor. The walls have also been primed and sealed and are ready to be skim coated.

Over in the kitchen we are 100% wallpaper free! This wallpaper was a b*tch to take off. Seriously. it took us longer to remove the wallpaper in this area than it did anywhere else in the house! These walls have all been patched, primed and sealed. They are ready for skim coating too! We also removed the upper cabinets, completely opening up the space, and tore down the coverings on the support beams. We think the original beams are really pretty, but have a project in mind to make them more “us”.

The den has the biggest changes, but also looks like it’s still outdated thanks to the parcay floor we uncovered and the paneling we found behind the mirrors! The mirrors are gone, the green carpet is gone, the pink paneling is bones, and so are the layers of wallpaper we found underneath it. The walls have all been repaired and primed and sealed and ready for skim coating! (Don’t worry. The paneling isn’t staying. It will be covere when we convert the bookshelves back to their glory. They’re just staying this way until we get everything painted!)

The half bath is also wallpaper free, primed and ready for skim coating!

And I’m happy to report that since these photos have been taken, we’ve made even more progress! Or should I say, Trev has made more progress! All the major holes have been patched (from where we ripped things out) and the skim coating has begun! It looks AMAZING and I’m so excited!

I promise, once we’ve got it painted, we’ll do another empty house tour… with much better pictures 🙂

We’re hoping to start painting the walls this weekend! Once the walls are painted, we’ll be able to paint our cabinets and put in our floor. We’re SO excited to see how much the space will transform once all that is done. To us, it already looks so different!

Alright friends. I’m off to work and then rolling up my sleeves to help with some skim coating! I’ll be back on Sunday with a weekend round up!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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  1. I’m glad you took down those upper cabinets! What a difference! The whole house is already looking open! I hate removing wallpaper – I do not envy you guys!

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