What up, what up my loves?! It’s Wednesday and you know what that means… I’m here to tell you about all the things I’m currently loving in my life!

What I’m Happy About

The fact that I’ve successfully posted on my normal schedule for you this week, despite being busy! I think I’ve figured out a system to make sure my posts are going up when I need them too. So fingers crossed I can keep it up!

What I’m Buying

Father’s Day Gifts! For Father’s Day, I tend to go with a gift card. Simply because I know both my Dad and Father in Law will be able to buy exactly what they want this way instead of me guessing. If you have a last minute idea though, leave it below! Maybe I’ll branch out and do something a little bit more creative this year. HAHA

What I’m Watching

I just finished the HBO Mini Series, Chernobyl! OMG it was SO good! If you’re really into history (like me!) I think you’d really love this show. I’ve always been pretty fascinated by the Chernobyl disaster and have always been curious to learn more about it. But tbh, nuclear power has always been really confusing to me. This series explains it really well and also details the events that led up to the disaster and what happened after. From many reports it’s pretty accurate. (Except the Kremlin’s.) If you’re sensitive though, skip Episode 4 like I did. It’s about how the disaster affected the non-human life in the town, and they had to kill all the animals and pets. Both Trev and I couldn’t stomach that. So we skipped that one. (Don’t worry. My Dad watched it and says it’s not a necessary episode to watch.) But overall, HIGHLY recommend watching it!

What I’m Excited About

All the progress we’ve made on our house! TOMOROW I’m sharing an Empty House Tour! You’re going to see it in all it’s wallpapered glory. And you’ll also see a little update on where we are at in the renovation process! We’ve made HUGE strides and we’re really freakin’ proud of ourselves!

What I’m Celebrating

Trev’s Birthday! He turns 31 on Saturday! We’re celebrating spending the afternoon downtown hitting up his favorite Detroit brewery!

So my friends, What’s Up in your lives?!

I’ll be back with my Empty House Tour TOMORROW! I’m so excited to show you our little fixer upper 🙂


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