The Best of Spring 2019

Oh my goodness friends, I can’t believe that I’m already writing my Best Of Spring post! These months have absolutely FLOWN by. I honestly can’t believe it’s already June!

Spring is the one season that is always just kinda “meh” for me. Don’t get me wrong… I love everything Spring is about. Sunshine, flowers, and baby animals make me so happy! Plus, I’m always ready to leave winter behind me. However, I always seem to have v. high expectations for Spring… and those expectations are never lived up to.

This Spring was cold, and rainy and honestly, I’ve never been more excited for Summer to officially be here! (So the first day totally isn’t until later this month, but I’m celebrating a little bit early.)

And while the weather wasn’t ideal, we’ve had a pretty spectacular Spring and have made some big life changes!

March began with a lot of Sunshine, which is totally uncharacteristic of Michigan in March!

And then, it decided to snow again… but I put on a brave face and embraced Spring.

We spent most of March enjoying dinner dates…

breakfast dates…

and house hunting! So.Much.House Hunting.

Took this one before seeing what felt like the zillionth house.

We watched March Madness.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.

Crossed off our Spring Bucket List.

Spent a weekend at home doing nothing but enjoying ourselves.

And became an Aunt and Uncle again!

When April rolled around, we were itching for warmer weather, and adventures outside!

We did a lot more house hunting.

I had a perfect weekend at home.

We celebrated Easter.

We watched a lot of Game of Thrones.

And, we put an offer in on our house!!!

Before we knew it, it was May.

May started out in the worst way possible. We lost our sweet Mojo Bones. (I still can’t type his name without crying. I miss him so much.)

We spent most nights in the beginning of May mourning, remembering, and healing.

In happier news, we started picking out things for our new house. Like paint colors, flooring and lighting!

Snapple fact… nothing you see here is what we picked. We stopped at Lowe’s on this day because it’s right by our apartment. We ended up falling in love with products at The Home Depot a few days later.

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

We went home for Mother’s Day.

We tried a Dill Pickle Pizza! (The Dilly! And it was delish.)

I discovered the new Snapchat filter made me look like my highschool boyfriend. LOL

We went to greenhouses.

We tried a new brewery.

We shopped Vineyard Vines for Target!

We spent time with our niece and nephew.

And we ended Spring with the perfect Memorial Day Weekend Up North!

We went to Glen Arbor…

and Leland!

We watched my cousin graduate.

We watched Aladdin!

We had a bonfire.

We saw a parade.

And we watched the sunset on Spring and welcomed Summer!

Oh… and we did one other teeny little thing in May. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

What are your favorite memories from Spring 2019?? Want to read up on everything I just mentioned and more? Click the links below and start scrolling!

Have a great rest of your Monday everyone! Who else is tuning into The Bachelorette?! I’ll be back tomorrow!


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