What’s up my beautiful friends?! I’m back today with miniest #WhatUpWednesday ever! I’ve got about 4 minutes to write this but wanted to give you a quick little update on why I’ve been a #badblogger this week!

What I’m Up To

Fixing up our new house!! We’ve been peeling wallpaper and paneling down ALL FREAKIN’ NIGHT the past two days. As soon as we get out of work, we’ve been heading to the house to get to work. We’ve got the kitchen entirely wallpaper free, and are now working on the half bath and kitchen. We’ve also got to remove the paneling from the den and the staircase and get rid of the lovely wallpaper underneath it. I don’t think we realized just how big this project was going to be! We had hoped to get all the wallpaper removed last weekend so we could paint and put in a new floor this weekend. Silly us!

But that’s okay. My mom and dad are on their way down tomorrow to help us out and we’ll be finished before we know it!

We’ve also gotten to enjoy a few dinners in our new backyard. It’s so nice and calming! You have no idea you’re in the middle of a city!

I’ve also been really busy at work this week! My kids have their big graduation tomorrow night, and Friday is my last day in my classroom. I unexpectedly got big promotion two weeks ago! I’m super excited, but also really nervous for the new challenges I’m about to take on. While I’m leaving being in my own classroom behind every day, I will still see my kids and get to be with more kids throughout our early childhood center… so that makes saying goodbye to my classroom a little bit easier 🙂

Other than that, nothing is new! I won’t have a new post up for you tomorrow, but hopefully will be back in full force next week!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. I’ll talk to you all soon!


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