We’ve Been Keeping A BIG Secret!

Friends, we have HUGE news. After 3 long months we can finally tell our big secret… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!

We are so beyond excited for this new season in our life, and can’t wait to share our journey in homeownership with all of you!!!

You can expect lots of tips for buying your first home (we’ve learned so much!), DIYs and Reno projects over the next few months! But for today, I’m going to share the photos I’ve been dying to share with you every week for months!

Because when we said we were doing this…

We were actually house hunting! (Usually on week nights.. which is why my blog posts have been SO spotty!)

And instead of just doing this…

we were getting home inspections!

And instead of just doing this…

we were shopping for new home decor!

These baskets are going to be so perfect in our new entry way!

And instead of just doing this….

we were sorting through ALL our wedding gifts and packing them to bring to our new house!

And instead of just doing this…

we were signing papers. SO MANY PAPERS.

We saw houses with character, houses that were falling apart and houses with different colors on every wall. We saw big houses with lots of of rooms, and houses so small we could stand on opposite sides and touch each other. And, we saw “perfect” homes and not so perfect homes.

After what felt like millions and millions of homes, a rejected offer (and a lot of heartbreak) and approximately 32 mental breakdowns, we finally found the place we’re going to call home!

She’s a bit of a fixer upper (there is SO MUCH WALLPAPER) but we are SO pumped to roll up our sleeves and make this home “ours”.

If you follow me on Insta (If not, you should! Click here!) than you already knew our good news! I had meant to post this instead of my #WhatUpWednesday yesterday, but we got caught up in having our very first dinner at our new home!

How classy are we? HAHA We chose Lunchables because it was the first meal we had together after we got engaged. (We were hiking! You can read our proposal story here.) We also finally broke open our Ice Wine we picked up in Niagara on the Lake! (Read about NOTL here and Pellar Estates here!)

We also spent some time removing some very interesting yard sculptures and moving a few of our things into the garage! We still have our apartment until the end of June, so we’re planning to paint and install vinyl floors before we start moving all of our stuff over. Until then, we’re just going to be moving things over a little bit at a time!

Like I said earlier, I can’t wait to share this journey with all of you! So if you like house renos, DIYs and everything Home Decor related, be sure you’re subscribed!

Eeeek! I just can’t believe that we’re actually home owners! And just because I’m so excited… here is a video of me opening our door for the first time! (Forgive my husband, he thinks he’s Michael Scott. HAHA)

Alright my friends, we’ve almost made it to the weekend! I hope you have some super fun and exciting things planned 🙂 We’ll be taking off wallpaper. SO.MUCH.WALLPAPER.

I’ll be back on Sunday 🙂


2 thoughts on “We’ve Been Keeping A BIG Secret!

  1. Congrats on your new home! I just started the home search in Minneapolis and let’s just say its a competitive market. I am also going into this on my own so I feel like my budget is minuscule. Do you think you’ll share about how you budgeted for the new house?


    1. Yes! I totally get it. It’s a crazy competitive market here too. We would see a house we like online, and a few hours later it would already be pending! It was SO frustrating. And I’m definitely going to be sharing about how we budgeted for our home and how we settled on the one we did 🙂

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