Weekend Round Up

Well my friends, the day has finally arrived. The Game of Thrones SERIES FINALE is here and I honestly am not prepared. I’m 98% sure I’m going to sob since I’ve never seen a series finale I didn’t cry over. HAHA

And while I’m just about to end the weekend with the end of The Night’s Watch, I’m sitting here listening to the rain in disbelief that this weekend is already over. We were SO busy this weekend that it feels like I blinked and we’re already to Sunday.

Our weekend began on Friday when I got out of work. I was hoping for an extra early day, but didn’t make it home until after 5:00. When I got home I got changed and Trev and I set out to scope out Target before the Vineyard Vines launch and grab some dinner and beer at Supernatural Brewing! I ended the night relaxing in the tub. It was a perfect end to a super stressful week.

Saturday we were up bright and early for Vineyard Vines for Target! My Target was FULLY STOCKED and we were able to literally grab anything we wanted. We both grabbed a bunch of things and headed to the dressing rooms. I had my eye on a few things! I ended up with a romper, a dress, a Shep shirt and a tee. Trev got a few things too!

After we left Target we stopped at home to get ourselves ready for the day before heading to Ann Arbor! We wandered around World Market before heading to The Pizza House so I could meet up with one of my friends for lunch!

When lunch was over we headed down to Blissfield to babysit our sweet little niece and nephew for the night! Emmy is SO FULL OF LIFE right now and we had the best time chasing her around and playing all night. And of course we got in allll the baby snuggles from Easton.

This morning we grabbed breakfast with Trev’s parents and visited with his grandma before heading home.

We finished our Sunday with our typical Sunday activities… grocery shopping, laundry and prepping for the week.

And now, the countdown is on to Friday! I’m BEYOND excited to head home for a long weekend!

How were your weekends? I they were fantastic!

This week I’ll be sharing a few Memorial Day Weekend posts to help you make the most of the first official weekend of Summer! Be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss any! I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂


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