Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

Hi Friends! Happy Bachelorette Day!!! (How pumped are all of you that the best of the best in reality tv is back tonight?! I can’t wait to watch Hannah B.’s journey to find love!)

I’m back from a really amazing weekend that was filled with a lot of laughs, a lot of tears, a lot of family and a lot of food. It was a really amazing weekend and I was so sad that it had to come to an end!

Our weekend began on Friday night when we got out of work. Trev and Jacks Cat picked me up from school and we made the journey north! We got stuck in SO much traffic, it felt like it took us FOREVER to get there. But we finally did!

I was so happy to finally see my family. I wasn’t able to get there last weekend, so this was the first time being home without our sweet Mojo. It was so weird pulling in the driveway and not having him barking in the window. We spent Friday night crying and sharing our memories of our sweet boy. How perfect is this picture my parents had framed next to his little paw print? We also got a little squirrel for our yard that we put his tags on. He LOVED to watch and bark at the squirrels… it was his favorite past time!

I had a really hard time Friday night, but woke up feeling a little bit better on Saturday. We had the most perfect day on Saturday! We woke up to fresh, still warm, scones and cookies from The Daily Bake House and our favorite coffee.

After breakfast we went to Weesie’s (the best greenhouse in Manistee) to pick up flowers for my Grandmas for Mother’s Day.

Then we made our way to The Bargain Barn to pick up a few things Trev needed to make a DIY TRX band. The Bargain Barn is this place where you can get everything for SUPER cheap. They get their inventory from other stores that haven’t been able to sell all of their inventory. For example, we found a bunch of Christmas paper plates from Big Lots for less than $2 at The Bargain Barn. So while Trev was getting all the things he needed, I headed to check out the home decor. I found two baskets that I couldn’t leave without! These kind of baskets at most stores would be at least $30 a piece. I grabbed mine for only $11!

We made a quick stop at the grocery store before heading to lunch at our favorite place, Big Al’s! They have been advertising a new pizza that has been taking Manistee by storm called The Dilly and we HAD to try it! It’s a dill pickle pizza served with ranch dressing and y’all. It was SO GOOD. It tasted kind of like deep fried pickles.

After lunch we headed home to begin the task of going through alllll of my old stuff. I’ve been promising to clean out my old dance studio for YEARS now. It’s filled with everything I’ve ever saved over the years, plus everything that was in my ultimate apartments in college. It took us a few hours, but we found so many treasures! We ended up filling up the truck with stuff to donate to Goodwill too!

When we were done cleaning we headed to TJ’s for dinner. (So typical. We know!) It was so nice to sit down and celebrate my Mom for Mother’s Day and just catch up with my parents. We always have the best time when we are with them!

When we got home we took Manly for a walk to the park, and then helped my parents make a cast of their hands. (LOL I KNOW.) My dad got it for my mom as a gift awhile ago, and they haven’t done it yet because they needed a third person to help. Guys. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life watching them make this thing. HAHA But it actually turned out really cool! I think my dad said he got it from Amazon. It’s a great gift for couples if you’re ever not sure what to get them!

Saturday night my mom and I snuggled in to watch the new Hallmark movie! We were lucky to have Trev and Manly join us too. (Dad and Jacksy Cat hung out in the Man Cave. HAHA)

Sunday we woke up early to start celebrating all the wonderful ladies in our lives! We had breakfast at my Grandma’s with all of my dad’s family, went for a beach walk and then spent some time at my other Grandma’s with most of my mom’s family! It was so nice to see everyone. It’s been forever since we’ve all been together.

When we got home we packed up and said our goodbyes. I had an extra hard time leaving this time. Not only is Jacksy Cat staying on vacay until Memorial Day Weekend, but I just wanted a little bit longer with those I love most.

We got home late and practically sprinted around the grocery store so we could get home, prep for the week, and unpack before Game of Thrones!

Also… did anyone else absolutely HATE last night’s episode?! SPOILERS AHEAD. I literally can’t believe they flipped the switch with Dany like they did. She was such a wonderful, strong, character the entire series and to have her go mad and just destroy innocent people was gut wrenching for me. Also, I hated how they killed off The Hound, Jamie and Cersei. Like really? Have Jamie and Cersei die together by rubble falling on them?! NO. NOT OKAY. Also, I’ve really grown to love The Hound the last couple of seasons and wanted him to at least defeat his brother before getting burned up. Ugh. I’m so disappointed. Next week better be truly epic to make up for it.

And today, we’re back to the grind. Here’s to hoping for a goood week that goes by quickly with LOTS of sunshine!

Have a wonderful Monday my loves! I’ll (fingers crossed) be back tomorrow!


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